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Widely regarded as the "true" James Bond, Sean Connery is a Scottish actor who is now retired. During his lengthy career, he portrayed James Bond in 6 films (Never Say Never Again is the only unofficial Bond film in which he starred), won an Oscar for his role in The Untouchables and has been knighted by Queen Elisabeth II.

Connery, 42 years younger.
Connery, 42 years younger.

Throughout his career, he took on many different roles but decided to keep a Scottish accent through each individual role. This made for some terrible performances as well as some great ones. Connery is a proud supporter of the Scottish National Party and his love for Scotland and his battle for its independence delayed his knighting. Despite all this, he was given the Knight's Bachelor's Badge from the Queen in 2000. During the ceremony, he wore traditional Scottish garments which appalled certain members of the British press.

The only time Sean Connery had anything to do with a video game was when he gave his voice to James Bond in the third person shooter, 007: From Russia with Love, 42 years after the original movie was released.

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