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The Second Literature Club band (第二文芸部バンド, Japanese: daini bungeibu bando, shortened to d2b) is an indie punk rock band. It is based on a real band who lends their talent to a series of visual novels. The bandsmen wears costumes that is designed based on the nun's habit.

Kira Kira

Original Second Literature Club band

The Second Literature Club band was Kirari's idea to perform as a band during the Ohbi Cultural Festival to celebrate the disbanding of the Second Literature Club. It consisted of herself as vocalist, Shikanosuke as bassist, Chie as drummer, and Sarina as guitarist. Chie convinced Shikanosuke to cross-dress to present themselves as an all girl band.

Their performance during the Cultural Festival gained the recognition of Yagihara. He used his influence in the indie music scene and gave them the opportunity to achieve nation-wide fame and recognition. The Second Literature Club band traveled around Japan during the summer break to perform at live houses and they gained a large following on the internet.

Kira Kira: Curtain Call

Second Second Literature Club band

The success of the Second Literature Club band attracted many talented musicians to Ohbi Academy. The girls would join the Girls' Light Music Club and the best of the best are chosen to form the Second Literature Club band. Every year, the band would perform during the annual Ohbi Cultural Festival and they carried on the legacy of the original.

The Second Literature Club band in Kira Kira: Curtain Call consisted of Yui as vocalist and guitarist, Yuko as bassist, Mami as guitarist, Takashima as keyboardist, and Saionji as drummer. The band also performs regularly at the local live house.

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