chilipeppersman's Second Sight (PC) review

A good effort, but comes up short

This game is one of those that I just happened to have around, and didn't really have high expectations for it, but was disappointed nonetheless for a few reasons.  The story was cliche and predictable, but tried to complicate things with psychic powers. The camera is placed much too far away from John Vaddic the whole game, and gets very finicky near walls and such. About 2/3 of the way through the game, SS just gets very monotonous. You have access to all the powers, and a few selection of  guns to choose from. 
What SS did do right was establishing a good premise for revenge, and the game questions morality near the end. The graphics are also pretty well done, and manage to look a little cartoony while still being serious. The psychic powers were pretty fun to use, and reminded me  a lot of Star Wars in that sense. Overall, SS is an ok action game, but never goes into the realm of being consitently fun throughout, and had many overly diffucult sections that just led to many trials and errors. 

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