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Secret Mission was the third text adventure game created and and developed by Scott Adams.    This game came after Adventureland and Pirate Adventure. In this game you play as a secret agent with a limited amount of time to prevent a fully automated nuclear power plant from exploding. Secret Mission was originally released under the name Mission Impossible, but had to change its name. The name was changed to Impossible Mission. This was still not satisfactory and ultimately the game was named Secret Mission.
The game's box art read "Time is of the essence as you race the clock to complete your mission - if you fail, the world's first automated nuclear reactor is doomed. So, tread lightly and don't forget your bomb detector! If you survive this challenging mission, consider yourself a true Adventurer."  
This game is a text adventure. Movement and actions in the game would take the form of simple phrases such as Walk North or Walk West or even Open Door or Climb Tree. Players could use the same mechanic to interact with objects in the game, such as Pull Switch or Insert Tape.  

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