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Secret of mana - Seiken densetsu 2 2

With Final fantasy VI, Chrono trigger, Super mario RPG and other famous role playing games staying exclusivly in japan and america it was more than deserved that Squaresoft (now square-enix) realesed a worldwide game for RPG fans all over to enjoy. STORY : The hero of the game, who is oftern refered to as ''the boy''  is playing near a waterfall with two friends when he falls into the depths below, searching for an exit he finds a sword set in stone, the boy removes the sword after some words of...

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Best Game Ever. 1

I've decided just to speak freely about this game. I think it needs to be reviewed in an abstract form. No form just explanation of why this game owns so much. This little intro is just to show how much I love this game. I never owned it, but that just added my thirst, my addiction, my lust for this game. This game is probably the most beautiful creations by man ever. It’s perfect in every way. I looked at the Gamespot rating criteria surely thinking that I could critique some aspect lower but ...

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The Super Nintendo's Best Kept Secret 0

  The RPG is now a diverse genre spread across multiple platforms with its own sets of sub-genres, but believe it or not, there was a time when RPGs were relatively unknown. There were a few series of RPGs that had managed to gain some recognition in the West by the end of the 8-bit era: Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Phantasy Star, but to most controller-wielders, these games remained a mystery.   An RPG sub-genre, known as the Action-RPG was even more elusive. Titles like Final Fantasy Adve...

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Secret of Mana - Seiken Densetsu II 0

Pros - You can play with a friend or two. Has great music and beautiful graphics.Cons - Can be a bit buggy at times and sprites will disappear if too many are on the screen at once.Do you remember that smell of a brand new SNES cartridge? Remember the feeling of peeling off the lamination or that troublesome price sticker? Well, I sure do, and these memories all take me back to Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu II), possibly the best game in the popular series. But it isn't only nostalgia that kee...

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YahwehTzVaoth Reviews an Action RPG he Played 15 Years Ago 0

  The Mana series from Squaresoft, now SquareEnix, is much maligned, and rightfully so.   The majority of the games in this series are for the most part awful that do not control particularly well.   Over the years that games have had an increasingly childlike aspect to the art design; eyes have gotten bigger and enemies less menacing.   I do not feel that the publisher has any idea what they are doing with that franchise.   There is no direction and the last few games were not the best way to...

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