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Secret of mana - Seiken densetsu 2

With Final fantasy VI, Chrono trigger, Super mario RPG and other famous role playing games staying exclusivly in japan and america it was more than deserved that Squaresoft (now square-enix) realesed a worldwide game for RPG fans all over to enjoy. 

The hero of the game, who is oftern refered to as ''the boy''  is playing near a waterfall with two friends when he falls into the depths below, searching for an exit he finds a sword set in stone, the boy removes the sword after some words of encouragement from a mysterious character. Upon returning to his village he finds that monsters have been appearing near the town. After disscoveing he holds a legenday sword that protected his village he is exiled for being responsable.

You have the chance to play as one of three characters which you can swap at any time, the two AI characters will fight alongside you and focus on attack or defence depending on your prefrence. You can always play through with a couple of friends and take care of a character each which was a rare but highly successfull feature to the game. each character can equip one of eight weapons, including swords, spears, whips and bows which can all be upgraded throughout the game. Magic becomes available in the form of elementals with each elemental representing an element, like fire, ice, earth etc.
It isn't so much a hack and slash like zelda, as each character has a guage that drops to zero after each attack and then refills after a second or two, you can also charge your attaks which means the guage takes longer to fill but preforms a much more powerful attack.

The music in this game is amazing, the moment you turn it on and watch the opening credits you will find yourself impressed. Even if your not a fan of games i would recomend the soundtrack. For a sample you can always check youtube and the remade versions also come recommeded. 

This has to be one of the most colourful games i've played and the graphcs stand up extremley well, even by todays standards, the backgrounds, sprites, and animations are all easy on the eye and make me nastalgic just looking at them.

If i could only ever recommend one game then it would have to be secret of mana. I really do love this game and i know there are fans all around the world who feal the same way. Beautiful graphics, music, storyline and gameplay make for an all round perfect game that shouldn't be missed.

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Posted by Maleverus

*updated comment for updated review*

It's great to see all these people on Giant Bomb who are as big of Secret of Mana fans as I am. Your right that the graphics, music, and gameplay mix together for what can only be described as 16bit gaming perfection. Good review.

Posted by Basch

thank you, much appreciated :)

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