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Secret of the Stars was a traditional RPG released by Tecmo in 1993. This was Tecmo's only foray into RPGs in the early nineties, possibly due to it's poor critical reception.


 Secret of the Stars Screen
Secret of the Stars has a generic JRPG interface. Most of the game takes place from a top down exploration mode, and when you are on the overworld or in a dungeon, random battles take you to a turn based combat system similar to any of the early Final Fantasies or Dragon Quests. Secret of the Stars does have two more interesting gameplay elements. Like in some entries in the Breath of Fire series, Secret of the Stars has the player slowly develop a town in the later parts of the game. Throughout the game, the player also switches between two active parties that have different roles in the story (although there aren't substantial non plot differences between the parties).

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