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Atmospheric Stabilizer Infected by the X
Atmospheric Stabilizer Infected by the X
Sector 1, also known by the ID code SRX, is an area of the BSL Research Station from Metroid Fusion. It's a reproduction of the environment of SR388 and serves as the first habitat of the station Samus Aran must visit to fight the X Parasites. The delicate atmosphere of Sector 1 is kept in check by five atmospheric stabilizers that the X waste no time attacking and infecting to destroy the area.
Visiting the area later in the game reveal more secrets hidden beneath the seemingly simple habitat that closely resemble Tourian from Super Metroid.


Sector 1 (SRX) is a cavernous area connected together with steel access corridors. Rooms are defined by rocky outcroppings covered by grass or plant life. A few rooms have pools of water that slow Samus down, and one is flooded with lava. The map screen initially revealed from the Navigation Room in Sector 1shows most of the area except for the Tourian-like underground discovered much later in the game. 

It's occupied by mostly native SR388 species infected by X parasites, one of the most common being a pink and blue frog creature. One of the exceptions are purple Zebesian creatures that closely resemble Space Pirates hanging around access corridors. Crabs and armored dive bombing flyers are also found here, but they make appearances as enemies in other sectors.
 Something's Not Quite Right Here...
 Something's Not Quite Right Here...
Bosses found in Sector 1 include a Core-X masquerading as a Chozo statue early on in the game, and Ridley infected with X much later. Defeating them restores the Charge Beam and Screw Attack ability respectively.

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