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Sector 6, ID code NOC, is a part of the BSL Research Station from Metroid Fusion. It's a darkened area dedicated to creating a nocturnal environment. When Samus arrives the X have begun to infuse some of their numbers with ice in order to work against her Metroid weakness to extreme cold. There's also a restricted zone blocked off from the rest of the station that Samus breaks into as part of the story.


Sector 6 is a series of caves and low light rooms with less than perfect visibility. A circle of light follows Samus around as she explores the area. However, NOC's biggest obstacle is the numerous, icy Blue X that inflict heavy damage if Samus absorbs them without wearing the Varia Suit. They can't be destroyed, but they can be stunned with the arm cannon to work around them. Groups of them hang out in narrow corridors and some are found inside destructible blocks lying in wait. Once Samus reaches the NOC data room and defeats the Mega Core-X for the Varia Suit, they cease to be a threat and become a large health pick up.
Restricted Area in NOC, Only Good Things Can be Behind This Door
The return to NOC later in the game is brought on the security robot B.O.X. that's biological neural network has become infected with X. Before fighting it, Samus must stumble upon a restricted zone blocked by a security door. She can later enter after defeating B.O.X. and regaining the Wave Beam to shoot through walls. It turns out to be a classified Federation Metroid breeding area that is quickly discovered by the SA-X and triggers a self-destruct system that detaches the whole area from the station.

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