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400 years ago, Seda is the king of the eastern continent. On the night of his coronation, a beautiful girl named Sophia catches his eye. He meets her again during a rainy night when Sophia's carriage breaks down. Later, the western continent wages war with his people. Seda faces difficulty as one by one his allies has fallen around him. One day, he meets a wizard who offers him great power. Feeling desperate to end the war, Seda agrees and gives the man his blood. The wizard mixes Seda's blood with a witch's blood. Seda uses his new found powers to destroy the western army. Seda arrives to his home to meet Sophia, but little does he know, he meets an assassin. The assassin attempts to take his life. Instead, the assassin kills Sophia who shielded Seda. Infuriated at the loss of his beloved Sophia, Seda accidentally unleashes the Dark Genie.

Seda forms a plan to defeat the Dark Genie by finding the Atlamillia.



Seda is seen observing the ceremony of the Dark Genie's rebirth.


Seda appears in Divine Beast's Cave where he confronts Toan and demands his Atlamillia. Suddenly, Seda gets possessed by the Dark Genie. Seda challenges Toan to a duel. When Seda blasts Toan, Toan blocks it, and Seda finds out that the boy was shielding a kitty cat. Amused with the boy's sense of justice, Seda hands Toan a potion that will transform the kitty cat into Xiao later on.

Dark Heaven Castle and the Gallery of Time

Seda makes his second appearance at Dark Heaven Castle where he waits for Toan's arrival. The Fairy King appears, and the two talked. When Toan arrives, Seda explains the origin of the Dark Genie and urges him to go back into time to prevent the Dark Genie's creation by stopping Sophia's assassination. Once the Dark Genie takes over Seda's body again, Seda stabs himself through the abdomen. He uses his remaining energy to open a portal to the past.


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