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Things to do in Seer's Village...

- Buy fletching supplies from other players at the bank
- Woodcut all the normal types of wood, including normal, oaks, willows, maples, yews and magic
- Mine coal using the coal cart pickup (cart can hold 120 coal before player needs to bank)
- Pick Flax (and spin it into bowstrings)
- Talk to the Estate agent about buying/moving a house

-Pray at temple altar, this can recharge prayer points ( the temple also has a organ which can be played


There are three quests which can be started in Seers village.

-Merlin's crystal (Started in  Camelot Castle)
-The Holy Grail (Started in Camelot Castle)
-Elemental Work Shop 1 (Started oppisite the smiths)

Mini games

There  is one mini game to be played in Seers Village.

- Knights Of The Round Table, can be played upstairs in Camelot Castle


Sin Seer - Character is used in Shadow Sword Mini quest
Phantuwi Fanstuwi Farsight- One Small Favour Quest
Posion Salesmen- This character is used in a variety of quest  The Fremennik Trials, Murder Mystery, and King's Ransom quests.


The Pub

Beer - 2 gp
Meat Pie - 16 gp
Stew - 20 gp

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