Any Sega Genesis/Megadrive aficionados around?

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Appeal for some internet based knowledge.

I've begun the less than enviable task of clearing some attic space, and the first casualty is a box of Megadrive games. They're all in fairly good condition, was just wondering if anyone with some knowledge in that area could give the list a once over so I know if I have anything of value, or if they're not worth the space they occupy. Saves me checking ebay for each title! Thanks in advance!

1Micro Machines
3Winter Challenge
4Star Control
5The Duel Test Drive II
6Cannon Fodder
7Jungle Strike
8Super Thunder Blade
9Streets of Rage
10Rock 'n' Roll Racing
11Olympic Gold '92
12Road Rash
13Another World
14Speedball 2
15NHL 95
16PGA European Tour
17Lotus Turbo Challenge
18Marble Madness
19Super Skidmarks
20Fifa International Soccer
21Fifa 95 Soccer
22Eternal Champions
23Crack Down
24Desert Strike
25Super Monaco GP
26Mario Andretti Racing
27Brian Lara Cricket
28Ghouls 'N Ghosts
29World of Illusion
30Earth Worm Jim
32Alien Storm
33Toe Jam & Earl
34Toe Jam & Earl Panic On Funkotron

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