What's your favorite Genesis/Mega Drive music?

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The first stage of Altered Beast. Rise from your grave.

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Streets of Rage 2.

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For me?

Sonic 1 - especially the Spring Yard Zone and pretty much anything from Streets of Rage 1 and 2.

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Streets of Rage 2 Intro song! Without a doubt!

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@dirkfunk said:

Streets of Rage 2.


I love the Streets of Rage 2 themes its just to smooth. 3 songs always comes to mind for me, the third one is from the remake.

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It just dawned on me that this is an old thread..

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People tend to go for Koshiro's work on SoR, but I prefer the soundtrack he did for Revenge of Shinobi.

Also really like the music on Snatcher.

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@evilnights said:

People tend to go for Koshiro's work on SoR, but I prefer the soundtrack he did for Revenge of Shinobi.

Also really like the music on Snatcher.

Damn, I'm surprised I forgot all about the aswome music in shinobi. Return of the ninja master got some cool tunes too. I still remember that badass intro song, and the first stage theme. It made you feel like a badass ninja going on an epic adventure.

I remember I had a few moments getting my ass kicked in this game. That one stage where you had to jump on rocks while fallen, pissed me off to an extreme. Still this was one of my favorite sega games. It would be cool to see a remake..

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The battle music from the circus level in Shining Force is probably the piece of music that is the most synonymous with my childhood. Just listening to it makes me want to play it again.

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Gauntlet IV had some awesome music.

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Alien Soldier has some nice tunes aswell. On top of that the game was hardcore, and insane at times. Still I had loads of fun with this game. Hell seeing a remake of this game would be cool.

Damn, I'm starting to suffer from nostalgia at the moment.

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You can't just rule out Sonic:

Here's 30 minutes of the Mystic Cave Zone.

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@sinusoidal: Yep, old-school Sonic always been the best.

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this piece from Combat Cars is unbelievably good. 100% of the era in pop music (techno/rave), and no chiptune band could ever hope to sound as legit. no seriously, there's like- breakbeats and stuff. and plus it's just got tons of that killer genesis buzzsaw synth.

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The intro music to Mutant League Football is my favorite showcase of the Sega's sound capabilities, warts and all. The nasty, distorted nature of the system's sound only aids in making this nasty piece of synth rock even dirtier. Masterpiece.

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Completely forgot about Comix Zone. Probably not that great really, but a decent attempt to give it a mid 90s grunge feel...

I remember the game came with a CD, which I rather foolishly gave away. Argh.

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Golden Axe 2 another one of the great ones. The songs of the game definitely fit the vibe.

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always had a soft spot for the chuck rock menu theme.

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Easily the best music ever made, it's for the Master System but I don't care!

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@dirkfunk said:

Streets of Rage 2.

This is answer to pretty much all videogame music questions.

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One of my favorite tracks from one of hardest, darkest series on the system. I just adore how goddamn grim the two Ecco games are. I always envision parents buying this game for their children because, hey, a dolphin, how cute. Kid boots it up, starts swimming around with some other dolphins, weee. Then all the life gets sucked out of the ocean and the game is all like "ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE GONE AND THE FUTURE IS BLEAK AND YOU ARE ALONE, SO ALONE."

Just the best.

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Some thaat are not mentioned here but I'll add. Gaiares, Shadow Blaster, Castlevania Bloodlines, and The Golden Axe games

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Golden Axe and Toejam & Earl have been mentioned so it has to be Road Rash 1 & 2 for me:

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