johnpaullucky7's Sega Superstars Tennis (Wii) review

The Superstars of Sega join together for some Tennis

Sega Superstars comes back the first was an Eye Toy game from the PS2 now Sega Superstars returns for Tennis with a whole new control system on the Wii. This game was developed by Sumo Digital who developed Virtua Tennis 3 but this is not even close to that.

Sega Superstars Tennis brings out all those Sega legends from the past put stages or even characters and even add some of the classic music. The stages you will see in this game are Space Harrier (which it is fantastic theme music), Puyo Pop Fever, Sonic The Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone and Scrap Brain Zone they even add the music, Virtua Squad, Nights, Super Monkey Ball, Space Channel 5, Samba De Amigo even more. Alex Kidd has been brought back as a playable character as for the rest you should know them well any Virtua Fighter people do not even feature on this game.

Here is what the game has and does

Planet Superstars - This is the main mode in the game you get over 100 challenges and various different levels from Sega classic gems. When doing these you will unlock music, characters, courts and mini games. Each stage will have a set mission as for Sonic you will have to collect rings and dodge spiked balls and bombs, Super Monkey Ball has you putting the balls in the hoop things, House of the Head stage (though it's called something else) this will see you fighting off Zombies, Puyo Pop Fever this is really would you would do in that game you have to hit like blue, red puyo and break the chain of them, as for the rest you will have to do tournaments and other matches.

Match - this is simple this is just where you can make a match of up to 4 players.

Tournament - Here you can play with friends or against the computer and chose different courts to take part in.

Games - This is where the mini games are you will have some unlocked at first but as for the rest you will have to do superstar mode to unlock those. These games are really what you do in Planet Superstars mode they are fun.

The game is good fun and entertaining though versing the Computer is stupid sometimes when your in a double match and your partner is the computer it will take them 3 serves to hit the ball this is annoying. The controls on this game however respond when your hitting your Wii mote which is better then the slow response Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis did.

There is no online play which is a shame it would of made this game better in reply value. Instead of an online system we get 3 control methods just using the Wii mote, Wii mote and Nunchuk or the classic controller. Sega Superstars is a good game which is really down to the control system of the Wii. Now I hate tennis games but this is pretty fun plus it gives you a chance to remember some of the classic old times from Sega. I have to say this I love that theme music on the menu screen it's awesome. If you see this game under £19.99 it's worth buying.


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