microsofteagames's Sega Superstars Tennis (Xbox 360) review

SEGA Tennis... (Rubb!sh(Cou!?gh)

SEGA comes back for it's latest game of the Sonic series, with a tennis idea? I hear you ask. What good is that? I see you think. Well.... Drumroll Please........ Um Yeh.......It isn't........Meh. It could be stated as one of, maybe not the worst, but the most boring Tennis game certanily I've ever played. The Superstars mode seems to be the only mode with a bit more variety, i'll give it to them about the Zombies, that pretty cool, but everything else seems to feel the same.

Multiplayer mode seems to feel the same as Single Player mode, except in single player mode you don't get all the shouts in your ear, and barges, and Kettles Chips flyin at you. (Rather satisfying in my View, not that i like food fights.) Ehem... Back to the point.

Dont bather asking me what online is like, because you literally aren't going to find out, no-one is ever online, and if you were trying to get a 4 V 4 Championship together, you'd better re-think a little, unless you want to be finding your self cheering that you've found someone 3 months later, with paperclips stuck to your eyes to help you stay awake.

Thats it im not going to say anymore, because if i do im afraid, i'll choke on my chewing gum. (Cou!gh!) Uh-oh


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