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Dare to be Stupid 0

Sega Superstar Tennis : It’s a tennis game with assorted Sega characters. Or at least the Dreamcast-era Sega characters. Story : I don’t think there is much of a story here other than the story of a bunch of big-eyed cartoon characters getting together to play tennis. Okay, here’s a storyline, one executive at Sega says to another “hey! Nintendo makes tennis games with their franchise characters. We already make tennis games. Lets make a tennis game with our franchise characters!” Who says Sega ...

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A Sonic Game that Doesn't Suck? 0

Sega Superstars Tennis is, let's face it, a fairly blatant attempt to get a piece of the Mario Tennis pie that Nintendo has had for the past decade or so. But, as far as marketing ploys go, this is a solid piece of entertainment. Yes, it's technically just a tennis game but it's a fun, frantic and solidly made tennis game, with tons of fan service to cater to long-time Sega followers.Here's the gist of this game: it's basically a simplified version of Virtua Tennis (in my opinion, the greatest t...

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Sega fan service wrapped around a decent arcade tennis game. 0

      Sega Superstars Tennis, much like Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing after it, is building off the success of a Nintendo Franchise, in this case Mario Tennis. This isn't just a cash-in that's trying to be Mario Tennis, though, as Sega has managed to create a fun Tennis game with many a homage to different Sega games and franchises. This game is a complete package that offers great entertainment for younger and older audiences, and displays a healthy amount of fan service through its Planet Su...

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The Superstars of Sega join together for some Tennis 0

Sega Superstars comes back the first was an Eye Toy game from the PS2 now Sega Superstars returns for Tennis with a whole new control system on the Wii. This game was developed by Sumo Digital who developed Virtua Tennis 3 but this is not even close to that. Sega Superstars Tennis brings out all those Sega legends from the past put stages or even characters and even add some of the classic music. The stages you will see in this game are Space Harrier (which it is fantastic theme music), Puyo Po...

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SEGA Tennis... (Rubb!sh(Cou!?gh) 0

SEGA comes back for it's latest game of the Sonic series, with a tennis idea? I hear you ask. What good is that? I see you think. Well.... Drumroll Please........ Um Yeh.......It isn't........Meh. It could be stated as one of, maybe not the worst, but the most boring Tennis game certanily I've ever played. The Superstars mode seems to be the only mode with a bit more variety, i'll give it to them about the Zombies, that pretty cool, but everything else seems to feel the same.Multiplayer mode see...

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Not bad 0

Taking a page from Nintendo, SEGA is getting all of there Be-loved Characters together in SEGA Superstar Tennis. SEGA Superstar Tennis has the average modes of play. There’s a career mode where you go around, playing different Tennis matches in different SEGA themed courts. This mode unlocks hidden stages, characters, and what not. There’s also a tutorial mode if you want to know how to play. There’s also the vs. mode where you play with friend and even online play, which can be forgettable. Whi...

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Sega Superstars Tennis (X360) - Review by Kim Fidler 4

Whenever a new tennis game hits the market, it seems that I'm always right there to greet it with open arms. I've never been a huge tennis fan, but the games always seem to hook me with their easy to master controls, non-confusing rule sets, and colorful graphics. Sega Superstars Tennis is no exception. Having played all of the Mario Tennis games to death, I was a little apprehensive about entering into the world of Sonic and Co. It's almost like cheating on your girlfriend that you never foug...

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