SEGA Shining Force Copyright Strikes

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So I was just wondering if anyone around here has heard about the stuff's SEGA's pulling over on Youtube. >_>

Basically, videos that show, or even MENTION the 'Shining Series,' and being targeted for removal by SEGA. The posters of those videos must remove them, or have their channels locked down.

It hasn't been completely confirmed, but the general consensus is that SEGA is doing this in an effort to doctor search results related to the series. Specifically- to make it more favorable for an upcoming new PSP entry in the Shining series- 'Shining Ark.'

In acts of retribution- some Youtube channels are already participating in complete boycotts of any current and all upcoming SEGA material.

So was anyone aware this was going on? Is it as if SOPA never needed to pass in the first place? Is it just a waste of time? Are the boycotts a futile effort of screaming for attention?

Link for those interested:

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Sega, or at least Sega's legal department, seems really anal about people posting footage of their games on Youtube. I know that had trouble a while back because he posted footage from the Japanese Yakuza: Dead Souls (I think?) demo on Youtube and Sega brought down the hammer before most people even had a chance to click the link.

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