SEGA to due to announce a new Takao Miyoshi game very soon

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Sega have posted up an placeholder page for a new title to be produced by Takao Miyoshi.

Miyoshi has worked as game designer for various big Sonic titles and produced the various Phantasy Star Online and Universe titles.

The only hint is a large mushroom sprite, Sega placeholder page. No platforms have been mentioned.

Surely not...surely not a Mario game of some sort. It does indeed look like a pixel perfect Mario mushroom sprite!

Your thoughts GB : ?

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I... What?
I have no idea.

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LordAndrew said:
"I... What?
I have no idea."

I am just as perplexed as you, but Mario and Sonic Adventure or something along those lines seems a possibility. Especially now that they have featured in a game that was very successful for SEGA.

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I am going to throw my guess into the mix...Sonic + Mario + Brokeback Mountain = This.

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Quite interesting, is this an indication that it may be an old school stylized game?

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brukaoru said:
"Quite interesting, is this an indication that it may be an old school stylized game?"

Who knows. I think the biggest thing you can take from this is Nintendo are involved and nothing more really.

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They are merging Sonic and Tails into a pixelated mushroom and having it jump on top of pixelated manatees.

*EDIT*  Is it disturbing to anyone else that if you move your mouse over the mushroom from the left or the right, it pulsates?  Maybe they won't be JUMPING on top of pixelated manatees....   o.O
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It's SEGA, it's going to be awful.

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Maybe this is a WiiWare 2D Mario made by Sega.

Hmmmmmmmmm . . .
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The latest issue of Famitsu reveals SEGA's big surprise.

Titled Pole's Big Adventure, this seems to be SEGA's answer to Mega Man 9. A downloadable title showing off very NES-like graphics, and parodying a few well known NES games, including the original Super Mario Bros. The game is sure to be filled with nostalgic gags.

The Japanese release date is set at February 3rd, and will be released for 500 Nintendo Points on Wiiware

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