SEGA's back in the console market!!! ZONE SEGA!!!!

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Ok well not really. Sega just made a deal with Zone 40 a manufacturer of stand alone home consoles (as the original Zone 40 console) to make a stand alone console with about 20 classic Sega games on it. It is planned for the UK and should cost if i'm converting correctly around 40-50 Pounds.   
And here comes the knock-off part of it all. It will also have some minigames in it that uses motion controls (ha sounds familiar doesn't it) and it looks like this:

 YES! MR Balls!!!


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I am speechless as to how anyone at Sega can think this is even remotely a good idea. This will be a monumental financial failure. What the hell is wong with SEGA?

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Why the hell don't Sega atleast attempt to make a Dreamcast 2 (but call it something better)....
I am dissapointed.

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AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!! DON'T DO THAT!!! You got me all excited with that title and I came in here and am now disappointed beyond belief. This will be a bigger failure than the Sega Neptune.

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@Ashwyn said:
" Why the hell don't Sega atleast attempt to make a Dreamcast 2 (but call it something better).... I am dissapointed. "
You beat me to it.
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It looks like shit, and the fact that it looks like a Wii only makes Sega continue to look like fucking idiots. 
But I don't think the actual machine is built by them. I think they've only licensed the games. 
Either way, they should have made a device that looks more like a miniature Genesis or Master System with all the built in games, AND ability to hook up your controllers/games. 
But Sega doesn't have the collective brain power to think like this.

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They just keep re-releasing classics in as many forms the industry allows. 
Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

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i've always wondered what it would look like if all current gen consoles were combined

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If it's just a bunch of Genesis games, I'm going to pass and just get them on emulator.

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What niche is that supposed to fill? Back away from the console market SEGA, back away!

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More old sega games..bleh

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I saw these at a Rite-Aid last week, there 24 dollars.

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@Godwind said:
" @Ashwyn said:
" Why the hell don't Sega atleast attempt to make a Dreamcast 2 (but call it something better).... I am dissapointed. "
You beat me to it. "
they don't have any money
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Where the hell is the Dreamcast 2?

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I don't even know how the SEGA name still has cache.

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If Sega somehow found the money to make a new console it would be one of the most stupendous financial blunders of all time and last a matter of months.

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so lets see if i got this rite it looks like a rip off of the wii but the controler is jst messed up 
man i wander wat kind of drugs they were on when they decided this was a good idea lol 
but you need to ask why do they keep wasting money and not just finish the shenmue saga

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I knew as soon as this was announced it would be released in the UK. It's the only place where they have enough of a following to do this. We did love are Sega's back in the day.

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That is the worst depiction of Sonic I have ever seen.

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