Will Sega ever make console hardware again?

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Hell no. Sega can't even make good software anymore!

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Nai, non, nyet, nein, hakuna:


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Negative...but KUPO!?

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they're going to go into making PC hardware

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@Video_Game_King said:
" Nai, non, nyet, nein, hakuna:

matata ?
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God, I sure hope not. The last thing we need is another console to have to buy.

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Negative. The competition is too firmly rooted with the audience, and I doubt just pure Dreamcast nostalgia will make up for that. 

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I hope not. Their games are so bad that I can't imagine how bad their hardware would be.

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Not likely.  I mean, I suppose some crazy shit could happen and in twenty or thirty years somehow Nintendo has gone out of business and Sega picked up the pieces, and Microsoft decided to stop making the xbox and focus instead on putting all of their resources to creating the perfect AI that could help govern the laws of space and time and motion controls, and Sony is releasing the PS6 and Sega decides that they spot the perfect opportunity to release a new console at a far cheaper price than the PS6's 5,000$ starting price, because there was a great uprising in the year 2030 where a workshop full of monkeys that had been tasked with writing the next great video game script got loose and took over the company due to Microsoft implanting microchips into their brains to control their behavior.  Or something.  Either way, unlikely. 
But if they DO somehow release a console again, then they could call it the Katana, or they could call it the Sega Saturn 2 and get Segata Sanshiro back.

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Sadly, no. I have to assume Sega is not raking in the dough with most of their recent titles (both because they are bad and they are releasing less games each fiscal year). Designing, making and marketing a new console is super-expensive and time consuming. And the Sega name, with the newest generation games being raised on PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii, means nothing. Sad for me to say this, but I would be surprised if Sega is even around as an company in twenty (if not less) years or so unless they can really pick things up.

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Yes, of course they will.  Making video game systems is super easy, cheap and quite profitable.

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Sega needs to develop a long string of solid game franchises before they make a another console. They haven't even made a decent game since the DC was out. I could see them coming back, but not anytime soon.

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No.  If they do, it will tank.

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Of Course, Sega is the best
if they want, they will do
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Nah, and I doubt that I'd want them to. As much as I loved the old Sega, that company has just completely lost touch with its old self. Really, Sega's just sitting on a mountain of treasures, and it's chucking out total crap (or publishing games) to appease the mainstream.

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They can barely afford to make games much less research and develop a video game console.
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I would like to believe that they would, but nay...
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It sounds like they are having trouble producing and developing games at this point.
I'm somewhat surprised they didn't re-enter the handheld market after the death of the Dreamcast. Their franchises seem better suited to the handheld space. Of course it's way too late for that now.

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beat me to it! when will you stop terrorizing my life, VGK? 

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