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Seibe can only be seen on Haruka's path. He closely resembles Kazushi in appearance and Hisae sees Seibe in him.

Seibe was a teacher and Hisae was a student when they founded the Eiden school a year after their marriage. They detected a special power in the island that accelerates alchemy processes. They suspected that a Noblemen's Stone was located somewhere on the island. They searched the underground caves but Seibe was caught in a cave-in and passed away. Hisae was struck with grief and spent the rest of her life researching a way to resurrect Seibe using alchemy.

Seibe's spirit was later revealed to reside within the Noblemen's Stone. He is able to influence the real world slightly through the power of the Stone. Seibe saved twice Kazushi when he fell from a great height.

Kazushi used his special ability to communicate with the Noblemen's Stone to resurrect Haruka. After that, the fate of Seibe's spirit is unknown.

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