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When games try to simulate realistic weaponry, they add this possibility, of switching fire modes. so the weapons can fire with more controlled fire and sometimes there is simulated effects, but the most notable thing is the fact that players have to click each time to fire one bullet when using semi auto modes, each time to fire 3 bullets in burst fire, and only once to empty the magazine when in full auto. This concept is applied to games who have a specific control or option that changes the fire modes, some games uses Alt fire to do so like the glock in Counter Strike, others uses a dedicated button for each fire mode, like Delta Force, and others uses a control to do so like Rainbow Six or FarCry, some games also might use an other kind of system to do so, like using menus for example.

This concept appears Often in FPS, some third person shooters and rarely in strategy games


Fire modes applied to Assault rifles

These weapons have several fire modes depending on them some assault rifles only have burst and semi, the safe mode is never simulated, the following modes are sometimes simulated, however no assault gun uses these at the same time, and we have often 1 up to 3 selectable modes, depending on the weapons. Existing modes:

  • Semi
  • 2 Rounds burst
  • 3 Rounds burst
  • 5 Rounds burst
  • Full Auto

Fire modes applied to Shotguns

Shotguns exists in some variants however, they often have two modes at best when they use a selective fire system, notice that using pump or semi is often similar in therms of pressing the fire trigger, however, the pump mode is slower than the semi. Existing modes:

  • Pump
  • Semi
  • Full auto

Fire modes applied to Machine guns

Certain machineguns have the option to select their rate of fire, but otherwise they only have semi and full auto modes. Existing modes:

  • Semi
  • Full auto
  1. Slow
  2. Medium
  3. Maximum

Fire modes applied to Handguns(Machine pistols) and Submachine guns

Handguns have sometimes selective fire options, even if it's rare, they sometimes have full auto or 3 rounds burst in addition to their semi automatic mode,Submachine guns however, have often full auto and semi auto modes, but they have sometimes a 3 rounds burst mode. Existing modes:

  • Semi
  • 3 round burst
  • Full auto

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