PS3 Demo Released Today - Thoughts?

#1 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

I just got done playing both characters' levels.  It seems like a fun hack and slash game.  I personally preferred the dude with the katana although he isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing.  I used to like the Dynasty Warriors games, and this seems like that, except with more in-depth combat.  I could just be talking out my ass though, it's been forever since I played a DW game.  So anyways, what did you guys think?

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This is the first time I've ever heard of the series myself. The last game like it I played was Dynasty Warriors 2 way back when. But this was pretty fun. And an interesting way to build up your characters. It reminds me of a samurai game I played on the PS2 where if you died you had to start the entire game over. The title eludes me right now though. I tried to play through both demo levels but died both times. What was up with that one guy they just told you to run away from? It's not like he stops chasing you, what the hell? haha 
For $40 bucks though, I think I may go for it. Seems like a fun, almost mindless, game to peck away at.

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Personally, I just want to let everyone know I'm buying this ASAP. 
But the last game of the series that came out in North America, Devil Kings, was pretty quick to get boring. I think the main problem was a serious lack of stages to choose from and how leveling up took literally forever and was reduced to a grind. This however looks like a promising sequel. Any game where sheathing one's sword kills people is a winner to me. 

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@M_33: the hair is also awesome 
#5 Posted by M_33 (527 posts) -
@AjayRaz said:
" @M_33: the hair is also awesome  "

Now I'm buying it twice.
#6 Posted by Pink_o_mat (207 posts) -

The writing and voice acting is just as good as in Symphony of the Night!

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Movement feels kinda stiff, not unlike the Warriors games. I don't know why I expected movement to feel smoother. Ieyasu's definitely not as fun as Mitsunari, but the game's seems alright.

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I'm looking forward to buying this game as well. I own Devil Kings and I'm just greatful that Capcom is being cool and letting us westeners have another taste if the Basara pie....

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