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I played the demo and really enjoyed it. There was a real smooth flow to the combat that was really lacking in the Dynasty warriors games. I had a few questions about the game/series though.
Does the full version have difficulty levels to choose from? While I had fun with the demo, I overall found it too easy. I only ever got hit during the bossfights (only played one of the 2 characters though)
Does the full version have Coop?
Where in history does this take place? Is this before or after Hideoshi became emperor?
And probably most importantly, if she's in this game, does Oichi fight with a ball and cup.

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Yes, it will have other difficulties to choose from. 
I'm unsure about co-op but in this day-in-age with online it might. 
After, Toyotomi Hideyoshi has just been killed by Tokugawa Ieyasu and one of his officers, Ishida Mitsunari is one of the main characters to this story. 
not sure what weapon Oichi has as a weapon, but the ball and cup was Koei's idea so i'm sure that Capcom will have given her a better weapon... 
hope this helps?!

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