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What Warriors!!

The first time I played Devil Kings, the only thing that went through my mind was that it was weak rip off of Samurai Warriors. But the more I played it the more I started to like the dark atmosphre of it all. At the time I was not aware that the game was based around the Sengoku period cause of the names, but as I played it I soon found that it was but different.  I soon found myself wanting more from this game and I waited for the next game. Sadly that didn't happened and I had to stick with the Samurai Warriors series to fullfill my Sengoku needs. Now, thanks to Capcom or whom ever was resonsible for allowing it's release here, I'm given another "taste" of this series and it is goooood!!  
First let me say that I very thankful that it's not called Devil Kings and it's true to it's original form. Having said that, this game has been the most fun I've ever had playing a Hack n Slash. I bought Samurai Warriors 3 when it came out and this game has blown it out of the water. It has made me a Sengoku Basara fan over night.  
It's Looks - Between Fine and Near Fine 
Basara 3 may not have the "Silicone" graphics that Castlevania or God of War III have, but it's still a good looking game. In fact I think that this is some of the best I've seen for a Hack n Slash, though I don't get hung up of graphics I do like what I see with Basara, why better then Samurai Warriors 3. (note-although I used the word Silicone, that dose not mean I didn't like Castlevania or GoW III's graphics) 
It's Sound - Fine 
When it comes to sound, I listen for the details. Basara 3 has it's normal sounds one would expect from a Hack n Slash, but what I found impressive was that when your character ran over different surfaces, you hear the differencies. Grass, wooden briges, water, mud, snow, dirt, even metal. The Music is great to listen to as well. It still has the Rock mixed with old-school Japanese instruments like Samurai Warriors, but way better. Finally the voice acting, which is very good. And with big names like Liam O' Brien, Troy Baker, Reuben Langdon, and my personal favorite, Johnny Bosch, the characters have great depth and soul to make them seem real. I know that some have a problem with the lip syncing, but a least their mouths are moving, in Samurai Warriors 3 their mouths don't move at all when the win a stage, that's weird.  
It's Feel - Fine 
For the most part, when it comes to controls, if my controller works controls for me are fine. But I will say the the game dose handle well and the Arts and Super Arts are positioned well so the can be used seeminglessly without and break in a hit count and or combo.  
Gameplay - Near Fine 
To me the Gameplay is the meat of every game. It makes or breaks it and Basara 3 makes it. Without spoling it for anyone I'll just say the this game has high replay vaule. The combat is smooth and flows like water, and the stories for each of the characters are fun and entertaining.  
Overall - Between Near Fine and Near Mint 
Again I will say that I looooove this game. Where I was slightly disapointed in Samurai Warriors 3, Bassara 3 made it better and will carry me through the weeks till I get Star Wars II and Fable III. If you love hack n slash games, like Samurai Warriors or Devil Kings, then you owe it to yourself to play this game at least. Cause who knows when We'll get another chance at the series again?!

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