Leaping Breast ice cream.

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Marvelous AQL is partnering with Akihabara's Cafe Euro for a special Senran Kagura collaboration cafe to promote Senran Kagura Burst. 

From August 10 through August 19, the cafe will serve all its drinks in Senran Kagura themed cups. Additionally, the cafe menu will feature two deserts with Senran Kagura themes: Leaping Breast Senran Kagura Nyu Nyu Gelato and Leaping Breast Senran Kagura Nyu Nyu Soft Cream.

"Should we go to that Cafe Euro place? I hear they make the most amazing leaping breasts."
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Innovation in the desert field! I approve.

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If they wanted some product integrity, the waitresses would have the breasts out for customers to ogle.

edit: Haha, check out the tiny wafer sticks, how fitting.

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Japan. Sigh.

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@Icemael: At first, I thought this was going to be one of those lost-in-translation type of situations. I'm glad I am delightfully wrong in this case xD.

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It's just 2 balls of ice cream in a cup...

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They look more phallic.

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god fucking damn it japan! no! stop doing these things!

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I just now realized they got the skin color on those ice cream breasts correct since they correspond to the skin tone of both major characters. Excellent.

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@kristov_romanov said:

They look more phallic.

It's called 'Titty Fuck' by connaisseurs, and it's my favorite leaping breast dish on the Citadel.

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