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Bad Timing
Bad Timing

Sen's Fortress is a hazardous trap-filled castle from Dark Souls. Its main gate can be found directly across from the bonfire above the blacksmith in the Undead Parish, but will remain closed until the two Bells of Awakening are rung. The inside is split between swinging blades over narrow pathways and claustrophobic rooms guarded by snakemen. The only way to reach upper floors is to run up slopes bombarded with rolling boulders. On the rooftop are two giants. One feeds the boulder trap while the other tosses explosive flaming jars on intruders.

The boss of Sen's Fortress is the Iron Golem. Defeating it will reveal the entrance to Anor Londo.

Points of Interest

I Bet Something Good is in There
I Bet Something Good is in There

Sen's Fortress features only one bonfire that can only be accessed from the roof. Players must find a hole in the ramparts and carefully drop down onto a ledge below. Jumping or moving too fast will lead to death from plunging off the side of the fortress. There is also a merchant hiding out in a tower past a broken bridge players must jump across.

Near the top of the fortress is a mechanism that can redirect the boulder trap in different directions. One way will toss the boulders harmlessly out the back of the fortress until the trap resets after a time. The swinging blades and arrow plates cannot be turned off or manipulated, but they can be used against any enemy lured into harm's way.

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