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This is the first game (aka 'Sensible Soccer') in the Sensible Soccer franchise. It's a top down 2D soccer game. You control the player who is nearest to the ball with the joystick. A simple press on the fire button will result in a pass in the direction you are moving the joystick. In order to shoot you press and hold the fire button, release it and apply aftertouch. Pulling pack tha joystick will result in a overhead kick. If you press fire while the ball is in the air will result in a (attempted) header of the nearest player. In order to make substitutions you need to wiggle the joystick left and right when the ball is out of play. The bench will appear and you can change players at will via menu's. The game is very easy to pick up, but hard to master. The pace of the game is very fast. There is a short instant replay after every goal. The game has a distinctive graphical style. Players are 2D sprites with big heads. It resembles the old Sierra Adventures style, when you think of it. Sound is limited to ball bouncing, whistles and the occational crowd noise. There are different competitions to compete in. At the time of the release (1992) is was a very popular game as it was more playable than any of the Kick Off games that came before it.

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