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Seraph is a sentient program who lives inside the neural interactive experience known as The Matrix.  His primary role is to protect The Oracle from danger.  He frequent uses a challenge-response authentication protocol to ascertain the identity of people who are coming to visit The Oracle (aka sparring).  After the events of The Matrix: Revolutions film, he also protects Sati, a young program that creates sunrises and has some as-of-yet-unforeseen importance on The Matrix.

In The Matrix Online, which take place after the events of the films, Seraph is reported to be somewhat of a wild card, not allied with any of the major factions, he continues to protect The Oracle and Sati.  It is revealed that he was originally an Agent-like Seraphim of the first version of The Matrix and then subsequently wound up in the service of The Merovingian.  At somepoint, Seraph betrayed The Merovingian in favor of The Oracle and escaped.

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