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 Serena was once the leader of the Royal Knights red division, but quit when she learned of the conspiracy behind the kingdom. Now seeking to stop Kanon's ambitions, she warns the Guardian Heroes that they are to be ambushed by royal knights seeking the sword that they found, then assists them throughout the rest of the game.
Serena could be seen as the game's main character, despite not being available from the start, due to her having a more direct and personal involvement in the main story.
According to Ginjirou, she possesses a clarity of mind, and a patriotic spirit.

Serena is the most well-rounded of the characters available in story mode, beginning with stats that are even in each category and a wide arsenal of both physical and magical attacks. Alike Randy, she has access to a laser attack that can fill the screen with sufficient enhancement, but her version has the advantage of holding the enemy in place, while Randy's tend to launch opponents out of its range.
To unlock her, beat Guardian Heroes' story mode on either the Normal or Hard difficulty.

She returns in Advanced Guardian Heroes, where her name was now spelled "Cerena" and she was under the control of the Sky Spirits.

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