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Sergeant Jamjars is the brother of Bottles the Mole and the main teacher of techniques in the Nintendo 64 game, Banjo-Tooie.

Jamjars hides in molehills until Banjo and Kazooie approach him with the proper note requirement to earn the new technique. By collecting enough notes, Jamjars will leap out of his molehill and in a patriotic chant, will briefly explain the function of the new technique before leaping back into his molehill (sometimes missing and crash-landing down to earth). By contacting Jamjars after he has already chanted the technique, Jamjars will explain the ability in more detail without the song.

Jamjars also owns silos that can be used as warp points throughout Isle O' Hags.

Similar to Kazooie, Jamjars has a sharp tongue and constantly picks fights with the feathered fighter. Despite his brother's early demise, Jamjars is focused on the task at hand and isn't one to mourn over past defeats.
Although he did not appear in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts in person, Jamjars' voice can be heard on the radio during the intro sequence.

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