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Sergei Vladamir was originally a Colonel in the Russian Military.   Sergei lost his right eye in battle and it is shut with a scar running down it.  After the fall of the Soviet Union Sergei left, disgusted with the weakened state his beloved motherland had fallen into.   He came to the attention of Ozwell E. Spencer who personally recruited him into Umbrella.  Considering it an honor to be held in such high esteem Sergei gave Spencer unquestioned loyalty.  Vladamir  rose quickly to a position of power and took his orders from Spencer and Spencer only.
During his tenure with Umbrella he created the Umbrella Bio-hazard Countermeasure Service and had a rather heated rivalry with another of Spencer's favorites, Albert Wesker.  While the two never liked each other they both mutually respected the other.   Sergei is one of the rare individuals this is capable of producing a Tyrant, thus, his genetic make up was replicated and used for the basis of all Tyrants developed at Sheena Island.  He personally oversaw the re-development of two T-103's that would become his personal bodyguards, codename: Ivan. 

The U.M.F.-013

While Wesker was planning the downfall of S.T.A.R.S. Sergei took the opportunity to remove the prototype U.M.F-013 from the Spencer Mansion.  He and his bodyguards were observed by Rebecca Chambers who noticed that the Cerberus hounds were initially weary of the trio and when one attacked one the Ivans dispatched it with great ease.
Later Sergei, under direct orders from Spencer evacuated the UMF and an unknown Umbrella Officer from Raccoon City moments before it was wiped off the map by a missile strike.   Ada Wong was actually latched (via her Hook Shot gun) to the UMF as it flew out of range of the city.

The Fall of Umbrella

February 18, 2003 - Sergei is in the process of bring T.A.L.O.S. online when Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and a team of Private Bio-Hazard Containment Unit Solders storm the Russian facility that Umbrella was using to finalize the new B.O.W.  The standard B.O.W. were no match for the seasoned Chris and Jill and Sergei was proud to test them against the T.A.L.O.S. unit sure that it would succeed where other bio-weapons had failed.  At that same moment, Albert Wesker had penetrated the facility and was determined to steal the U.M.F.-013 data for himself.  
He challenged Sergi who initiated his transformation into a new Tyrant type monster.  Sergei put up a good fight but was ultimately defeated by Wesker.

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