Croteam working on "Serious Engine 3"

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AUSTIN, TX. – May 15, 2007 – Croteam, the award-winning developer of the Serious Sam series, announced today that Gamecock Media Group will publish its next project. The as-yet-untitled game is currently in development using the latest version of Croteam's proprietary game development system, the 'Serious Engine 3'.

"The Gamecock team includes some of the best people we've worked with in our 14 years of game development," says Roman Ribaric, Croteam CEO. "We had a great time and learned a lot when we worked together to produce the first Serious Sam and we are confident that we will achieve similar success this time around."

"Now, with its next-gen engine pushing the latest gaming hardware to the limits of its potential, Croteam is producing a game that will confirm its position among the world's game development elite,’ added Mike Wilson, CEO and Head of Marketing for Gamecock Media Group.

Gamecock Media Group will publish the title, which is currently scheduled to ship in 2009 on Windows PC and specific next-gen consoles, in North America.

About Serious Engine 3
The Serious Engine 3 is a ground-up reworking of Croteam's proprietary game creation system, designed to fully exploit next-generation consoles and state-of-the art PC hardware. The systems' advanced multi-core HDR-rendering graphics system supports full per-pixel lighting and shadowing (including shadowbuffers) and boasts a custom GPU-accellerated baker for GI lightmaps. The system also incorporates a custom multi-threaded physics solver designed for better performance on multicore CPUs and built-in support for action-game models - such as FPS characters - which allows them to naturally interact with other physical objects.

About Croteam
Croteam, the creative force behind the massively successful Serious Sam series, is recognized across the globe for its all-action and entertaining game design, and its powerful development technology. Founded in Zagreb, Croatia in 1993, Croteam has grown to become one of the most successful and respected developers in Eastern Europe.


Anyone willing to bet that title will be Serious Sam 3?

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The first SS was fun, but I feel that the engine was far more exiting than the game. If they can make a new version of it on  current consoles and licence it to someone who can build a good game around it, more power to them.

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serious sam was awesome. i mean it was so ridiculously disproportionate with you fighting 100 ft tall grenn squidgy things that throw magma balls at you, and fighting giant scorpions with miniguns  and fighting absolutely thousands of enemies of all kinds.i would love a third

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    I'm not bumping this thread, im posting on it so it would drop down to the buttom of the forum list in a few minutes (at the moment its stuck at the top)        

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Wow, 20 months since I posted this topic and now it's back at the top.

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Actually, they were talking about a military tactical-action shooter that Croteam is developing outside of the Serious Sam franchise. But they also announced that Serious Sam 3 will be released on Serious Engine 3. So I'm (still) waiting for any news about any of those two games

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