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A solid product that feels unfinished. 10

Let's get the basics out of the way right now. This is not a complicated game. If you are capable of moving your character and firing a weapon at the same time, you can enjoy Serious Sam. That's not a slam on the game, if anything it's praise. It's refreshing to go back to straight shoot em up gameplay after so long. The game breaks down to going into an area, shooting all the bad guys, moving to the next area, and shooting those bad guys, and repeating that cycle until the level ends. As much a...

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Outnumbered but never outgunned 0

Are you bored of modern shooters and their emphasis on the latest high-tech weaponry, Middle-Eastern conflicts; the brutality of war and plot twists you can see coming from a mile away? Well, Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter might just be the game for you. There’s no story, no characters to care about and most certainly nothing that could be considered sophisticated. The emphasis is purely on shooting as many things as possible with as much absurd weaponry as Sam “Serious” Stone can ha...

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A true old-school FPS 1

There are not probably many video games made in Croatia. And those that are made in Croatia are not very well known. Well, it looks like that is about to change. A small developer team from Croatia named Croteam (wonder why) decided to make a mindless, fast-paced, old-fashioned first person shooter. Now, some gamers would say that we already had enough of that back in the days of Quake or Duke Nukem. But they are just some gamers. Croteam dared to try the old FPS receipt. They've done it and the...

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Serious? 0

I got the game and played most of it. I got to say that this game was very old (Back in the days) i have also seen Giant Bomb's game play as well. It was mostly the same thing i did, I din't like the way that the people/monsters where created. I do not recommend this game to anyone I thought it was just a waste of my time to play it (At least i added another game that I beat to my collection) I give this game 3 stars because the graphics where lame the monsters where random and through the entir...

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Sheer testament to just how far the FPS genre has progressed 0

  Without question, the first Serious Sam was once heralded for being an over-the-top and passionately bizarre first-person shooters that thrived on its own unique lunacy. Back in its prime on the PC, the series was something of a black sheep in the FPS genre, providing stark contrast to the vital narrative tones of games like Half-Life and System Shock, which strove to achieve the notion that games possessed the potential to evolve into something more momentous in a story-telling sense. Origi...

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First time with First Encounter 0

I'm going to keep this simple and quick.  Serious Sam: TFE is level after level of just shooting everything with no semblance of a puzzle thrown into the mix.  The mechanic stays the same throughout the entire game and only manages to spice things up by adding new weapons.  Though this may sound bad, it isn't if you are looking for mindless fun a level at a time.  Please, do not expect anything else.  Just bring a friend, turn on infinite ammo, and enjoy screaming headless suicide bombers along ...

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