Price point?

#1 Posted by Applekid (72 posts) -

Anyone have a guess on the price point on this game? Double D is $8 so I'm assuming we can see around the same price.

#2 Posted by ajamafalous (12511 posts) -

The hell is with all these non-FPS Serious Sam games all of a sudden?

#3 Posted by abdo (1095 posts) -

@Applekid: $4.99

@ajamafalous: it's the Serious Sam Indie Series, Devolver and Croteam approached various other indie devs to specifically make some non-FPS games, to promote Serious Sam 3. Everyone wins.

#4 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

Hah, what a cute name. I didn't get Double D but this looks like it might be funny.

#5 Posted by BeachThunder (13289 posts) -

I have no interest in the real Serious Sam game, but this looks great, can't wait for it to be released :D

#6 Posted by Skald (4395 posts) -

Can I stack guns?

#7 Posted by Applekid (72 posts) -

@abdo: Thank you for that. That's a price I'm willing to pay.

Double D wasn't really for me but Random Encounter looks to be like a little fun and I'm really curious to see the other games they pump out like these.

#8 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

TotalBiscuit did a WTF is of it if you're interested, looks really fun. It's by the guys who also made Super Crate Box, no wonder why the pixel art is so good.

Loading Video...
#9 Posted by Applekid (72 posts) -

@ervonymous: Whoa. Cooler than I was expecting. I'm sold.

#10 Posted by BeachThunder (13289 posts) -

From watching the video, the game looks really wacky. Definitely seems silly not to pick it up at $5, especially considering how much I loved Super Crate Box.

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