No Splitscreen = No Sale

#1 Posted by MysteriousBob (6272 posts) -

I really can't work out why this game can't have splitscreen. This game is perfect for playing with friends. Online is not the same, at all. Whats even more baffling is the fact that even the original had splitscreen. The original PC version, which is the only time I've ever known a PC game to include splitscreen. 
This is what happens with tech demos. You take out great features just so you can cram a few more polygons on screen. Damn you Croteam.

#2 Posted by FirePrince (1767 posts) -

Split-screen is the best form of multiplayer.
#3 Posted by Rokin (37 posts) -

Yeah, I miss splitscreen. The original Encounters were only FPSs on PC that had splitscreen that I know of. I used to play it constantly with my brother

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