Seriously on sale alot on steam

#1 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

This & the first encounter are both on a ridiculous holiday Steam sale, if ever interested/curious about this series, now would be the time to grab the HD versions of the game. While a lot of the current games are discounted on Steam & most people have, they are also going through the back catalogue too. Just wish they would get rid of the silly magazine page format.

#2 Posted by august (3881 posts) -

Just bought this. Loaded up the original Second Encounter on my laptop. Ten seconds in: Duke Nukem Forever joke.

#3 Posted by Conker (818 posts) -

I bought the first encounter last year, and according to steam, I have about 9 hours of play put into it. I paid 20$ back then, and while the game is fun, its not something that held my attention for very long.

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