Everything Serious Sam 66% Off

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After playing and enjoying both Hard Reset and Painkiller, I feel like I should check out the Serious Sam games. Which games would be best to pick up? Is it worth getting the complete pack?

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Are you.....serious?

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Serious Sam is arguably the best of those break-neck shooters, so you definitely should check it out. The popular ranking of SS games would probably be something like Serious Sam (HD): The Second Encounter, Serious Sam (HD): The First Encounter, Serious Sam 3: BFE, Serious Sam 2. The games are standalone enough that you can start with any of them. I would recommend getting the HD versions of the first 2 encounters, since they're nearly identical to the original versions, except running on a good-looking modern graphics engine.

P.S. Instead of buying the complete pack (which is actually a fairly good deal), I'd recommend starting with only getting First and Second Encounters HD for less than half the pack price. Once you've played those games, if you're hungry for more SS, then you should consider the other games in the franchise (which go on sale on Steam not infrequently).

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I already spent my money on Mirrors Edge for $5.

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I say buy/play 'em in order, since each game tries to outdo the last, and you'll get that natural progression. Also: Serious Sam 2 is the weakest entry by far, but it's still extremely fun.

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