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Brothers clash in a battle for dominance.


Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's older half-brother who, unlike Inuyasha (a half-demon),  is a full demon. In the beginning of the series, Sesshomaru fought with Inuyasha for a sword that their father, a powerful demon, left as an inheritance. After a gruelling battle Sessmaru lost to his younger half brother, getting his left arm cut off in a permanent reminder of his failure.

Sesshoumaru's personality is described as being cold, serious, and determined with a cruel disregard for life, human or demon. He is among the most powerful demons in the feudal era, his name being recognized and feared across the demon realm. He is the ruler of the Western lands and inherited all of his fathers wealth and respect. His blade, the Tenseiga, is a sword of healing that cannot harm flesh, but can restore life to the dead and injured. If Tenseiga is used at its maximum power it can save 100 lives in a single stroke. His other sword, the Tokijin, was forged by the fangs of a demon named Goshinki, who broke the Tetsusuiga, Tenseiga's sister-sword, with its fangs. Tokijin's most powerful attack is called "Sooryuha", which translates into "Azure Dragon Blast". Tokijin is a bit more powerful then the Tetsusuiga when in Sesshomaru's hands.

Sesshomaru's basic melee attack is the Dokasso, a poison strike that melts the victim. Another is his light-whip that extend from his fingers and last is his tail.

Sesshomaru's nature hides his most demonic form, a giant demon dog nicknamed "Fluffy". When in this form, which he rarely uses unless he is up against a strong opponent, he stands at least 40 feet tall and has acid-like breath.

Koga attacks.
Despite his dislike for his half-brother Inuyasha, Sesshomaru is able to overlook his animosity in order to achieve the common goal of defeating Naraku. Naraku, a power hungry villain, once tried to steal Sesshomaru's energy, by using his inhuman tendrils, to become a full-fledged demon. It looked like Naraku's attack had succeeded when the roots wrapped around Sesshomaru completely, however, it turned out that Sesshomaru used Naraku's body to shield himself from Inuyasha's Kaze No Kizu, an attack of the sword Tetsusaiga. After that failed confrontation, Naraku often flees from Sesshomaru; no matter what form, body, or power Naraku gains, Sesshomaru always defeats him.

Known for having a distinct distaste for humans, Sesshoumaru displayed a surprisingly uncharacteristic show of compassion when he resurrected a little girl who had been killed by Koga's human-eating wolves. Once resurrected the girl, named Rin, became part of Sesshoumaru's entourage as he travelled throughout his Western lands.



A two-headed demonic dragon mount, Ah-Un is an agreeable creature, his two heads' names 'Ah' and 'Un' both meaning the word 'yes' in Japanese. Although Sesshoumaru never rides the creature himself, he uses Ah-Un on long journeys for his ward, Rin, who loves the creature as much as the beast loves her. Using his sharp talons and teeth, Ah-Un will protect those under his care to the last fiery breath.

Sesshoumaru and his loyal retainer, Jaken

This small green imp (kappa) demon was the ruler of his imp armies until Sesshoumaru saved his entire clan from a gruesome death in battle. Abandoning his people and swearing fealty to Sesshoumaru, Jaken does whatever is asked of his Lord - most of it to his own dismay. Jaken's bumbling ways and crude plans that almost always fail put him in the lowest favour with his Lord, but that won't stop him from 'try, trying again'.


When Sesshoumaru was carelessly injured by his half-brother's Wind Scar (Kaze no Kizu) attack, he was rendered helpless against the trunk of a tree. Unknown to him, he was quite near a human village, one of the residents being a small orphan child who the village neglected. Finding himself face to face with the silent child, she did something so uncharacteristically human that he was at a loss as to what to think; the child approached him without fear. Bringing the broken demon lord offerings of food, the child cared for the strange being until he was well enough to rise under his own power.

Just as Sesshoumaru was about to leave her village's area for good, he smelled the scent of wolf demons. Thinking nothing of it, he continued on his journey - but came upon the girl's body on the ground. This innocent girl-child, this Rin, had been mauled to death by the very creatures he had smelled on the wind. For reasons unknown to any other, the demon lord showed great mercy to the child and used his Tenseiga to pull her out of the grasp of hell's soul-collectors and back into the realm of the living.

Since that time, the once-silent child has become a joyful servant to her master. Obedient to the utmost degree, Rin follows her lord with a carefree innocence and grace, her youthful spirit unwittingly free under his mighty protection.


Inuyasha loses himself to his demon half, a shameful loss of control in Sesshoumaru's eyes

Half-brother to the demon lord by way of their father, Inuyasha is a shame to Sesshoumaru's demon heritage. Evidence of his father's weakness toward humans, Inuyasha is rude and uncontrolled, a veritable thorn in the side of the refined and skilled elder half-brother. Wanting the pleasure of having Inuyasha's life-blood on his hands, Sesshoumaru begrudgingly fights at his side from time to time in an effort to rid the world of those who would attempt to kill Inuyasha - That pleasure is to be Sesshoumaru's and he will permit none other to steal it from his grasp.

Kagura in the moonlight

This wind witch is a minion of Naraku and her inability to free herself by any means necessary has Sesshoumaru looking down upon her. Kagura recognizes that Sesshoumaru could be the very key to her freedom from Naraku but, alas, she must follow his orders for now and attack one of the few who could possibly free her from his slimy grasp.


Responsible for Rin's first death, Koga is the leader of a wolf-demon tribe who once ate human flesh. Sesshoumaru spared his life only by the grace of Rin's forgiving spirit, yet the lord would willingly tear the wretch limb from limb if the child were to have a change of heart.

Kohaku the demon slayer

Under the influence of Naraku's mind-controlling powers, aided by the jewel shard, Kohaku kidnapped Rin and held her hostage among slavering demons. Wanting nothing more than to rip apart the boy for daring to touch what was his, Sesshoumaru refrained from slaughtering the boy only at the insistence of Rin that he had protected her while under his care.

Naraku's back bares the spider-shaped scar of his humanity.

Naraku is a vile half-demon who would resort to any means to get his desire - the completed sacred Jewel of Four Souls, the Shikon no Tama. Using Sesshoumaru in a plot to rid himself of Inuyasha, Naraku instead made an enemy of the mighty demon lord when he betrayed him, leaving him for dead. If the wretch were not so devious and so securely in hiding Sesshoumaru would be the first to rend the flesh from his bones.

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