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 In Seventh Cross Evolution you begin as a weak organism called a protist.  During this stage you cannot fight and have to avoid combat while preying on micro-organisms.  After three protist stages you evolve into the Origin stage.  In the Origin stage you are capable of fighting, but posses a minimal amount of strength.  The evolutionary stage after the origin stage varies for each player and depends on the DNA sheet.  The game contains six levels, each with a boss, and vary in theme from a pond to a barren future.


You gain parts for your creature by touching the monolith in each of the six levels.  At the beginning of the game the player chooses six colors, which are mapped to six attributes:  offense, defense, psi power, intelligence, dexterity, and healing.   By using these colors to create a pattern on a 10 x 10 grid, and having enough EVP(evolution points, which are obtained by defeating enemies), you may gain a new part for your creature that you can add to its head, body, legs, or arms. These parts posses different attributes that enhance certain areas such as movement speed and attack strength. You may equip these parts at any time, but each require a set amount of nutrients that are found in certain foods. 

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