gogo1317's Sexy Beach 3 (PC) review

Best weekend EVAH!

That is some Blue hair.

Ever want a girl to stand there and let you grab at her naughty bits?

Well here is the game for you. I know this is out of NORMAL game standards, But these simulated sexy time games are all over the place in Japan land. I've actually played quite a bit of this game, And I'm not ashamed to admit that.

This game has a story all about you being on vacation on a tropical island full of the most bang'n Anime beauties you'll see this side of AngelBlade. If your not thrown off by the bubble gum eyes and extremely touchy boob bounce.

Now down to brass tax. The game is pretty much a date simulator that takes you all over this island trying to woo everything that has a pair of mobile milk bags. You take them on dates, watch them eat ice creme for a few hours and let them come around to you so you can come around on them. It can take some time to get it all maxed out and get all of the clothing unlocked but once you do, You can actually spend quite some time on the character editor messing about with the settings and making your Beach house beauties juuuuuust right.

Do you like my sweater up or down?

There pages of different combinations to make your lady dressed just the way you like it, And if you use tanning oil, And exposed flesh will become golden tan and all the clothes will make interesting tan lines that you can majorly over done.

After you unlock and make all the girls you willing slaves pretty much, There is nothing you can do wrong. You can spend the rest of the time dressing them all up like scooby doo characters and make them bend over in a public pool and nobody will get mad about it. Really the only point to playing past game completion is to spend time dressing up and doing the she bang bang to all the lovely ladies of the island. And really, Isn't that what we all play this game for?

See this girl. That's your sister.

There are the traditional Japanese game stereotypes, Your sister is one of the characters you gotta seduce and ultimately have wibbly wobbly time with, There is the busty lady with the deep raspy voice to comes off commanding and strong but turns out the be the biggest slave woman there (That's my favorite)

But each character has there own voice actresses and attitudes so you'll have plenty of opportunity to play with and pick out your favorite girl. They even try to get the furry mark in here by having a secret character who's a dog girl, She can only speak in the sound wuugue and such, Yet your character never really has trouble understanding what she's saying... Or at least grunting about. Her moments of climax sound hilarious, Kinda sounds like a girl who has a mouth full of mouthwash gets surprised when she farts.

In the end you have a game that always has something amusing for you to find and fondle. You can even mod it to have clothes and models that weren't in the original package so essentially you have a game about meeting and having the nest sauce time with everything that has boobies, With pretty well done models that look as if they came out of Dead or alive. And you can get it online for a little over 30 bucks with shipping. So all in all it's not a bad deal.

Even if your not that much into sex sims, Your girlfriend might be...

My bathing suits made of silly string.

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