Fun so far, but...

#1 Posted by LordKorax (229 posts) -

The game is only a few hours old, and I've already come close to rage-quitting. Whenever you die and revert to the last save point, all the enemies respawn. I don't mind it so much; a game "forgetting" which enemies are dead after loading is definitely Metroid-ian. The problem comes in during one specific room encounter. The first time you get to operate a turret, there's a room full of baddies waiting to be mowed down. There's a save room directly adjacent to this room, and when you revert back to this particular save room after death, all the enemies in the turret room respawn. Only now you're not on a turret. It's almost impossible to prevent yourself from being spotted, so it becomes a matter of spray and pray. Even after reducing the difficulty, it still took a couple tries to clear the room and move on. I'm taking a break for now, but hopefully there won't be any more frustrations to keep me from playing later. It would be a shame if something so minor kept me from enjoying what is an otherwise entertaining experience.

#2 Posted by kerikxi (573 posts) -

I know what part you're talking about, and having just beat the game, I can say that you probably won't encounter that again.

#3 Posted by TheMasterDS (2400 posts) -

Yeah I just ran into that too, the respawning just seems poorly done in general to be honest.

#4 Posted by Wiseblood (699 posts) -

Yeah, that was a pain.  Just forget about killing the guys and rush to the panel you have to use the grenade on.

#5 Posted by TheMasterDS (2400 posts) -

Later on I think it gets a little more manageable. The fact that it takes a minute to load after every death though, that's the part I don't like. Death and Metriodvanias have allways been a bit spotty though, nothing is worse than spending ten minutes gathering stray collectables, then dieing and returning to the last save you passed about 10 minutes ago, but there are ways to mitigate it.

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My problem with it is that you are basically playing as Nathan Drake. That's pretty much it.

#7 Posted by Eder (507 posts) -
@NickM said:
" My problem with it is that you are basically playing as Nathan Drake. That's pretty much it. "
Yeah, this should have been Jazz Jackrabbit 3!! Cmon Epic make it, and I will buy it.
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dude I got past that without reverting so i didn't have that trouble but that sounds aggrivating. You want the worst of it? try playing the proving grounds, you have a 50% of some how getting stuck in the wall or randomly blown up

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That doesn't sound that bad imo.  Maybe it's cuz I grew up when this type of thing was the norm for every game.  The fact that it actually has save points makes it way more forgiving than most non-RPG Genesis and earlier era games.

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I haven't made my way back through there yet but I remember that room and see how it could be an issue. I'm playing on Hardcore difficulty so I may have to lower it for that part if I have too much trouble.

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people must be playing on insane or something, because I barely got hit in that room (while on the turret) and I keep hearing about people dying there :(

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the game bugged out and sent me to one of the first save rooms...i had to find a way back to where I was and it took forever

#13 Posted by TheMasterDS (2400 posts) -
@Rhaknar: Well no, the issue was you ended up respawning in the save room opposite the turret. Meaning you got to jump down and blow open the bottom fast. Course I ended up getting past that on my second try after taking a break and then went on to finishing the game with less difficulty problems.
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I for one could listen to Nolan North spout out snarky remarks with the front of his shirt tucked in all day.

#15 Posted by yarles (28 posts) -

The game has a few rough edges. I could still hear an enemy machine gun being fired when everyone was dead in the room.  o_0
But overall the game offers an awesome experience.

#16 Posted by GunstarRed (5796 posts) -

what you need to be doing is charging them all down and using the B button for melee A. it nets you x2 exp but it also automatically overrides damage and gunfire i found myself only using that B button to attack the normal soldiers it makes the game stupid easy ...a bit too easy infact
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I just run in and back to the turret, kill them all again, and blow the grate, that worked fine for me on hardcore

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