List your play throughs

#1 Posted by Cloneslayer (1632 posts) -

First: Normal, around 6 hours, 64% items ----> this file went on to be my 100%
Second: Insane, around 4 hour, 67% items ----> level up run
Third: Insane, around 4 hour, 72% items ----> level up run 
Fourth: Normal, 1:52, 10% items -----> minimalist run
Fifth: incomplete ----> gained last two level need to 50
I was surprised how fast my minimal run went but it basically dashed my hopes of going for the master Challenges except for "Status Update: Single."

#2 Posted by Hannibal (863 posts) -

First: Normal, around 7 hours, 87% of items
Second: Normal, 4:30, 100% of items (I just finished this)
I'm probably going to do my minimalist/single run next. Does playing on insane give more EXP?

#3 Posted by Bigandtasty (3203 posts) -

First: Normal, around 6 hours, 52% items -> got to 99% and realized that I missed the Inertial Element/Shotgun.
Now I'm debating whether to do just a minimalist run or go all over 100% again.
@Hannibal: Yes, Insane gives more EXP.

#4 Posted by JJWeatherman (14558 posts) -

I'm about half way through my first run on Hardcore. I have about half the items collected too. I'm also already in the low 20s in terms of my level so I guess it starts to get super hard to level later.

#5 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4896 posts) -

Wow. 5 playthroughs. 
Doesn't compare to me playing MGS4 like 11 times though.

#6 Edited by sickVisionz (1268 posts) -

#1... 15 hours, ... but really probably about 8-9 with completionist.  I've got a bad habit of leaving games on all day while i'm browsing the web or if I leave the house for a few hours. 
#2...  3:39:01 | 3,285,409 pts | 12%

#7 Posted by TimeWaffle (946 posts) -

so far i've beaten it once on normal with 75% of items. It took about 6 hours

#8 Posted by Redbullet685 (6046 posts) -

My first on normal, 4:47, collected only 41%
Second on Hardened, 4:30, collected 61%

#9 Posted by and333 (842 posts) -
@Bigandtasty: Also....Insane is fing hard!
 I'm on my Second playthrough right now which I was just gonna make a run through on insane but quickly lowered it on diffculty after dieing over and over again. 1st play through I had like 97 percent but quickly finished the game after missing the misable weapon which fucking sucked!
#10 Edited by supermike6 (3565 posts) -

First: Normal - 12 hours - 99% (Damn missable gun) 
Second: Hardcore - 5 hours - 100% 
Third: Normal - 3 hours - 13% 
Fourth: Insane - In progress. 
I'm at Level 40 right now. 

#11 Posted by Vade (393 posts) -

First: Hardcore - around 8 hours, 100%
Second: Normal, minimalist run,  around 1 hour 30 minutes, 12%

#12 Posted by Fascismo (118 posts) -

First: Insane, little over 12 hours, 100%
Second: Casual, 1:35, 11%
I'll probably do one more run on Insane to get my last 8 levels, but I think after that I'll be done with Shadow Complex for a while.

#13 Edited by Chaser324 (6587 posts) -

First: Hardcore - ~7 hours - ~70%
Second: Hardcore - ~6 hours - 99% (missed the damn Inertial Element)
Third: Hardcore - ~15 mins - Got the joke ending
Fourth: Casual - ~1 hour - 3% 
Now all I need to do is a 100% run through and get about 5 more levels to get to 50.

#14 Posted by Breadfan (6590 posts) -
@Cloneslayer After beating the game and selecting new game do you keep your level?
#15 Posted by Chaser324 (6587 posts) -
@Br3adfan: Yes your level carries through to your new game.
#16 Posted by JacobForrest (307 posts) -

I stupidly started a new game after collecting only around 70% of items, oblivious to the fact that I could have gone back to get the rest of the missing items easily. Now I have to find those 70% all over again. Sigh. At least I'll know where everything is for the most part.

#17 Posted by CoolDrMoney (1978 posts) -

First: Hardcore, 11 hours 40 minutes, 100% items
I'm gonna start a second playthrough and go for less than 13% items on Hardcore

#18 Posted by Chaser324 (6587 posts) -
#19 Posted by NickNorman (435 posts) -

First: Played on Insane, was going to go for 100%, but missed the Inertial Element; ended around level 32.
Second: Playing through on Insane (dumping down to normal in parts to save time), almost at 100%; at level 43 right now.
Third: Planning on getting Minimalist (probably will try at 4%)

#20 Edited by Breadfan (6590 posts) -
Play Through
                                 1  (Normal)
                     6:03:30                48%
                                 2  (Normal)
                                 3  (Normal)
#21 Posted by Rirobuge (163 posts) -

First: Normal, 100% About 7 hours.
Second: Casual 13% Just over an hour.
Third: Casual 12% 54:14
Fourth: Casual 4% 38:22
Fifth: Casual 5% 33:07
Sixth: Casual 5% 27:00
Pretty much just seeing how fast I can plow through the game. Was 2nd place behind Hilary before the sequence break was found out.

#22 Posted by Breadfan (6590 posts) -

Just did my second run.  My goal was to finish the game under two and a half hours and I ended up beating it in two hours and twenty nine minutes

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