Shadow Complex, missing one major component.

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I finished the game, and enjoyed it yet, I really felt something was missing. We heard the talk about Metroid/Castlevania inspired this games development, but those games have one key component that this game does not. Music. Metroid and Castlevania, more specifically, Super Metroid and Symphony Of The Night, had amazing music, that really gave each zone character. Music brings a ton of life and variety to these games, and Shadow Complex really falls short here. I understand that Shadow Complex has a more gritty/realistic tone, but imagine each zone having a pronounced, catchy score, and tell me, it would not, further immerse you into this game.  Try playing Metroid or Castlevania with the music turned down, it's terrible, it really diminishes the experience as a whole. What do you think, am I alone here?
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Felt the exact same. Only played the trial due to lack of funds but that was the one thing that stood out to me!

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I played this game with the sound turned all the way down and my own music on so I don't notice.

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The music isn't bad, but it's mostly generic. I agree they should have put more into the music... but I don't think the game is unplayable by any means due to the music choice.
What would you choose as a musical style for the game? Metroid had funky space ambiance and SOTN had mostly baroque-ish tunes.

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@Joey2683:  Now that you mention it, I agree. I didn't really notice while playing but you're right. There are some nice little touches like the sound that plays when you kill all the enemies in the room though. But I think some more real music in the game would make it better.
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I agree with your observation that music is scarce through Shadow Complex. But there is a lot of really neat ambient sound going on. Music is used for effect when you trigger events, and those little pieces can be nice, albeit with the more pumped scores i found myself wishing they would soon stop (total opposite to Bionic Commando Rearmed here). I liked the tune that some times plays when *SPOILER* you climb into vent shafts and are supposed to be stealthy. The best musical moment is when you submerge a large chunk of base under water and the piano plays as bodies and debris float about *END SPOILER*
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agreed... but it probably sounds so nice because it's a change from what you're hearing throughout the rest of the game.

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I quite liked the piano music you had when you went back through the section of the map that you flooded.

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Like you said for Metroid and SOTN, something that fits the enviroment and feel of the game world. I think with the score you hear, they are on that mark, but really need to flesh it out. The musical approach they took reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 4. The problem is MGS4 had a very engaging enviroment, so the music fit well. Shadow Complex is about tricky jumps, shooting guys, and finding items. And I don't mean that to sound negative, I would love to see more of this classic genre. It's about knowing what kind of game you have, and finding that balance. MGS4, was say..80% atmosphere and 20% music, where as a "Metroidvania" style game, Shadow Complex needs the 60% 40% formula that those games follow. Does that make sense? I've been up for almost 24 hours, I need to go to bed.
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I agree, the piano, in the flooded base was a moment that really stuck out. My favorite, in fact.
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I didn't find this to be a problem. You see, the music in the Castlevania and Metroid games is accompanied by outlandish environments, something Shadow Complex lacks. In the grey, industrial-looking environments found in SC, the ambient sounds(and the occasional short pieces) work perfectly.

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Yeah, the game lacked in music, even a title-melody, I can only remember the piano-scene. Still a great game though, even though it was so grey, brown and black all the time. Would have been cool, to see it with a more unique style

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Yeah the music kind of sucked, though the underwater part with the piano slowly fading in was nice. It really set the mood for that sequence and I wish they would have done that more to really add an emotional impact to the fact Jason is killing hundreds of people.

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