Stuck getting the foam.

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My current objective is to find the foam and destroy the factory. the problem is the blue guide line on the map is leading me to a room that at the bottom that contains a conveyor belt in a tunnel that it says i have to get through. the problem is that boxes keep coming through the tunnel and i just cant seem to figure out how to get around it. I know its probably something that will seem really simple once i figure it out but i was wondering anyone could help me with what to do next.  Also it is right after the second turret sequence if that helps.
(sorry if my descriptions are kinda vague)

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I believe you just have to time it right, jump over the boxes at the right time and slip into the room.

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Jump onto the box as it comes out of the hole, and hit the 'sprint' button as quick as possible, and you should make it inside with enough time to jump over the next box before it pushes you out. Just don't 'catch' the wall and do the slow slide down deal when you jump over the first box though.

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alright ill give that a try, thanks for the help.

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Remember 'X' is dash. So many people I know forgot this.

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