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Super Metroid all over again

        A long waited addition to the Xbox Live Marketplace is here, Shadow Complex an amzing plot and story, from the creators of Gears of War, is it the dynamic smash hit we thought it would be or should we buy it once the price lowers.

  • Great Story and Plot
  • Fantastic Voice Acting
  • Instant 2D Classic
  • Great Gameplay
  • Perfect Controls
  • Wonderful Camera
  • Massive open World
  • Exploring
  • Enormous amount of upgrades and items
  • Stunning visuals
  • Pitch perfect music
  • Lack of twists
  • Climbing problems
  • Pointless Character Lines said
      Overall a fantastic arcade game and easily the best arcade/2D game this year, keep in mind the negatives are only minor problems not major, GET THIS GAME

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