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Shadow Hearts: FTNW was a huge step down from the previous games. 0

Shadow Hearts: FTNW was a pretty big disappointment. It wasn't a terrible or broken game, it just didn't live up to the previous standards of Shadow Hearts to me. I really enjoyed the first two games, but this one did nothing for me. The battle system is still pretty good, but I really hated the storyline and basically all the playable characters. That is probably what hurt the most. I honestly didn't care about any of them. They're pretty boring and just forgettable, especially Johnny. The ...

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A solid turn-based RPG, with a weak story. 0

Shadow Hearts: From the New World is the third entry in the very good Shadow Hearts series. Shadow Hearts fits solidly in the turn-based console RPG genre, like Final Fantasy, Suikoden, or Dragon Quest. However, SH always stood a bit apart for a few reasons. First, SH is set in an alternate version of Earth's past. Most of the big events, like the World Wars or the Great Depression, are used as the backdrop to a fantastical world of demons and magic. Second, SH uses the "Judgment Ring" system du...

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A Good Game in its Own Right 0

I'd never actually played a Shadow Hearts game before picking up Shadow Hearts: From the New World, so I can judge it on its own basis and not how it compares to its predecessors.    Shadow Hearts: From the New World is a pretty good game. The combat system is fun and can be quite challenging as it depends on how well the player can handle the judgement ring system. Everything operates on that system - from attacking, to healing, to reviving players. If you choose to double attack, hope that yo...

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Maybe I'm the weird one? 0

 So, after playing Shadow Hearts: Covenant I was about ready to dive into the next game in the series. Covenant was a game that had a fun battle system, crazy cast of characters and, well… A story that, while interesting, was a bit to straightforward for my tastes. There were just not enough twists to keep me hooked. Still, it was a fun game and I enjoyed it. But this review is suppose to be about the third game in the series, Shadow Hearts: From the New World.    From the New World takes place ...

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