Is this games the best example of gaming as an artform?

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...topic title

i think so

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Depends how you mean.
In terms of video gaming as solid art, then yes, this is as close as I have ever seen.
In terms of blurring the line which distincts a video game from any other 'artfull' form of media, then, no, I'd say the Metal Gear Solid franchise has that for it's intense cinematic scope.

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Put it this way, this and ico are the first two games that i point to immediatly when people ask whether games are an art form, its the little touches, the mystique and quality of the game that shows taht games can be an artform.

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yes, I do think so too
(if what I said made any sense)

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Definetly.  Its one of the few games ever that utilized the medium of video games to tell its story in ways that couldn't be done in other mediums.

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And it managed it with now spoken words

Well a couple of that weird language -but besides the 'briefing' everything was portrayed by the music and camera direction

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Yes. Very artistic game.

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i certainly think it is one of the best examples of art in gaming so far.  this game really captivated me and I just could not get enough fighting those big guys.  The minimalist approach, however, is what really set it apart...dammit now i feel like playing this game

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Yes, yes it is. The musical score, the graphics, the gameplay, the emotion....

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I think it is one of the best examples, but I don't know about "The Best". There are different forms of art you can describe...I think Bioshock is one of gamings best examples of art....but it's not what people would consider the same type of art as Shadow of the Colossus.

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For this level of perfection on a PS2. It out does many nextgen console games. I cannot wait for the Nextgen release.

Even if they release the same game with the same story i would still buy it. Can you imagine how awesome the graphics would look. Man, this is a classic for the ages.

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For me a great piece of art also has to have a specific theme which is meant to explore a universal idea that can (doesn't have to) benefit mankind. These games have that it's just that I haven't played them in so long so analyzing the theme is a bit far off because of my lack of playing for a long time.

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A definite example, I don't think the best though.
Can't say which is the best in my opinion, although atmospheric games (e.g. Bioshock) and games with unique graphical styles (e.g. Okami) are for sure in that category.

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I thought Grim Fandango was a greatly artistic game.  It's instantly remembered for it's artistic visual, musical and narrative style.  I also think that game was more of a trail blazer as far as art in games goes.  It was released significantly earlier.  For me my memories of Grim Fandango are far fonder than Shadow, though i do really like Shadow.

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I not only believe SOTC is the best example of gaming as an artform. I think it's the only one. Almost every game these days have artistic elements to them, but for a game to be called art, it has to be art as a whole. Not just the music, the art design or the story. For example, as much emotionaly powerful the death of Aerith was in FF VII, it was only part of a game that was not art as a whole. When you're in combat, exploring the cities, managing your inventory, it is just a game.
And this is where I think Shadow of the Colossus is different, because every single element of the game was designed to be artistic (Or at least that's what I felt when playing the game). Everything from the intro movie to the epic battles, to the controls of Agro, the level design or the graphics. Everything was built to convey emotion.

That's the only game I've ever played that made me feel this way. You could mention Ico, but when you think about it, the game is actualy a "simple" adventure game, with puzzling, platforming and cooperation. There is a wonderfull layer of emotion on top of that, but it is not art as a whole.

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LeBart said:
 When you're in combat, exploring the cities, managing your inventory, it is just a game.
Soo... dozens of people put many hours of their life, a lot of energy and creativity to build something that is both visually appealing as well as entertaining to interact with, and what could have been totally different weren't it for the personalities of the ones who created it, and you would not call it "art"..? 

Art doesn't have to be meaningful, or fantsy-pantsy. People creating things with a personal note for other people to enjoy or ponder over, thats art. Every creation is art. There are no types of art that are "better" than others. If a canvas smeared with feces makes people look at it and think about it for even a few seconds, it's art. That's what art is for: You look at it, hear it or feel it, read it, interact with it, use it. You consume something that is the way it is because of the personality and work of another person.
This interaction between people through a "dead" piece of the world, a medium, that's what art is all about. That's the entire point of "art"!
A person drawing something on a canvas can be art, but a designer at epic drawing a texture for a church wall cannot? Well.

Now when people ask, "Are video games art"? Despite my definition of "art" as stated above, I know what it means. "Art" as in something that is a "coherent piece", a thing where every part fits perfectly together to create an atmosphere, or tell a story, or evote a certain emotion. A thing that has a certain "niveau", and may require a bit of thinking to fully comprehend. I know why the latest Jerry Bruckheimer movie is not "art" in the most common definiton.
And yes, using that definition, Shadow of the Colossus is one of the very, very few games that can be called art, or presented in a discussion as to why the art community should take the medium of video games seriously. Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill 2, Planescape: Torment.. the usual suspects.

Thinking about what could be done with the technical possibilites in the medium today is saddening.. but there was another thread about this not too long ago.

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Meh, all I say is:

Okami :)

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I believe so. It's an astounding game that definitely hits an emotional chord.

But lets take a look at what the director himself has to say. Here's an excerpt from a GVC interview with Fumito Ueda back in 2006.

Fans of your games often describe them as "art" despite your insistence to the contrary - what do you think it is about ICO and Shadow of the Colossus that encourages gamers to treat them as something more than a mere "game"?

Fumito Ueda: In fact, I was originally aiming to become an artist so when people say this is "art", I am honored by that. However, when I hear the word "art", I get an impression that this is aimed to a narrow audience who has interest in art itself. But I would like to have a more broader audience to try my games. So if the question is if this (my work) is art or not, this is definitely not an art.

Apparently he doesn't think Shadow of the Colossus is "art" ,in the traditional sense at least. But I've always found that art is in the eye of the beholder, so... We'll have to be content with our own opinions.

You can find the rest of the interview here.
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I don't think it's the best example of games as an art form, but I do think this game is one that makes games as an art form a more accessable concept to mainstream and core gamers because it strikes a careful balance between game and art project.

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I would make my argument for bioshock.

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Visually, Okami has a great artstyle. But it didn't have that atmosphere that games like Bioshock or Shadow of the Colossus had.
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Bo17 said:
"Depends how you mean.
In terms of video gaming as solid art, then yes, this is as close as I have ever seen.
In terms of blurring the line which distincts a video game from any other 'artfull' form of media, then, no, I'd say the Metal Gear Solid franchise has that for it's intense cinematic scope.
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I'll agree with the Okami sentiment. Shadow of the Colossus is a fantastic game and a very fine presentation of gaming as an artform though.

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You want to know what another game that is the best example as a artform? its my game Robocop vs The Terminator, remember that game? it was a great game, you should buy my game.

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Well I've only seen my friend play it and take down a couple Colossi, but the game play is seriously lacking. The art, design, graphics, music, and directing is amazing, though.

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Emilio said:
"Well I've only seen my friend play it ... the game play is seriously lacking. ."
Does not compute.
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Video games are not art.

Video games are interactive experiences.

To call a video game a form of art would be like saying baseball is a form of art.

Can a game have great art direction?  Yes.  Look at the new Prince of Persia.  It has good art.  Does that mean it IS art?  No.

And Shadow of the Colossus is a stellar top-notch game...although extremely extremely EXTREMELY too short.
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Oni said:
"Emilio said:
"Well I've only seen my friend play it ... the game play is seriously lacking. ."
Does not compute."
That's why I said I've only seen my friend play it. I'm waiting for him to finish it before I start, but he's been on Warhammer non stop.
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Probably the best example actually, as it takes advantage of a lot of things that separate games from other mediums. The immersion, resulting in a somewhat unsettling feeling of isolation is incredible. Bioshock accomplished the same sense of immersion in a well-realized world but I think SOTC still ranks higher, largely because the ending is more satisfying and intriguing than that of Bioshock's. Not sure if I'm alone on this one, but I felt Bioshock ended really poorly. While I do love Metal Gear Solid, its not the best example as its essentially trying to incorporate things from cinema rather than focus on being a game.

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I would say so, as a artist myself.

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Yeah pretty much, the game is awesome!! the collosus are very well done and the scenario is very good as well.
Can wait for their next game, with the ps3s power nothing is imposible :P TEH CELL will make it possible

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It's pretty damn close but until something comes out that is truly amazing gamers won't be taken seriously if we keep playing like games aren't art... as in by making topics like this.

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It's to tricky to answer, Games are not seen as an art form by cannon, therefor it's hard to define what qualities a game must posses to be "art".

If games would relate more to cinema, previous users have pointed out MGS and Bioshock. When it comes to art style i have to say Okami. I hope that when gaming will be an art form it's unique characteristics will be taken into acount, interaction, control sceme's, artstyle and to a lesser extent multiplayer. Time will tell I guess...

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