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Ah, Nostalgia 0

Review/Rant: I feel a great sense of nostalgia whenever I think about this game. Few other game immersed me completely in their world as this game did. This an incredible feat considering that the main character only says one word over and over throughout the whole game (Agro). Other characters have very limited dialogue. The gameplay comprises of a series of boss fights, say HUUUGE boss fights, with a few platforming segments and horseback riding through vast environments to get to those boss f...

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A True Masterpiece 0

Shadow of the Colossus is a game unlike any other.  You play a young man trying to save his one true love by defeating a number of enemies that hold the secret to bringing her back to life. maybe the premise isn't exactly original, but that's where the unoriginality ends.  The game comes to us from the same development team that brought us one of the best PS2 games ever made, ICO.  Adored by critics yet ignored by buyers, ICO was an artistic adventure that will be long remembered...

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A Simply Memorable, Emotional and Breathtaking New Experience. 1

After releasing one of the greatest early Playstation 2 games, ICO, Team ICO, has released yet another masterpiece for Sony's console, Shadow of the Colossus.Shadow of the Colossus takes a really new and fresh way of storytelling. You won't hear one English word spoken in the whole game. Instead, the creators created a fictional language for use in the game, and you'll have to read the subtitles. This fictional language will pretty much be spoken Dormin, the person you obey throughout the game. ...

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Shadow of the Colossus review 0

There are times when a game can transcend the controller and just bring you in to a far away land like no other media can. The epic story, sound and scale of Shadow of the Colossus combine to create a one of a kind experience in videogames. This is definetely one game that is worth playing from the Playstation 2 era even in the times of HD graphics and online multiplayer. This game's story delivers a beautiful tale, even if the premise seems very ordinary. You are a person who goes to this land ...

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Epic 1

It's rare that a game leaves so much to the imagination that most of the story is conceptualized in the mind of the player. This is the case in Shadow of the Colossus. From the makers of the much-heralded Ico for the same platform, comes a game telling (or, for the most part, not telling) the story of a boy attempting to fell 16 colossi in order to revive his fallen love. Shadow of the Colossus takes the concept of a boss battle and makes it the focal point of the entire game experience. There a...

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Beautiful 0

 Shadow of the Colossus is the Spiritual Successor to the beutiful ICO. The story, is simple, you are an un named explorer(Wander) that is trying to revive a girl(probably his lover) from the dead. To be able to do this, a godly figure tells you that you have to sleigh 16 different colossus. That's the story, you aren't really given too much of the story until the ending. Be warned that to be able to fully understand the ending, that you will have to be able to know what happened in ICO(which is...

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If the word EPIC was tangible, it comes packaged with Shadow. 2

Shadow of the Colossus is not a video game. It's more like an interactive piece of art. In an industry full of shooters and generic games, Shadow is a huge breath of fresh air. Personally, I think Shadow of the Colossus was 5 years ahead of its time. It never let me go until I finished it. Not once. Graphics – 9/10: The graphics still look great today for a PS2 game. Shadow uses a light blurring effect which makes the entire world seem better looking. The draw distance is superb and the colossi...

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An immaculate PS2 masterpiece. 0

 Arguably one of the best (if not, *the* best) release on PlayStation 2, Shadow of the Colossus is one of those rare accomplishments that can genuinely change the way you look at video games. When you think of basic elements of gaming -- boss battles, combat, world exploration, character and story -- SotC takes each of these and escalates them to a unrivaled level of understated sophistication.  And that’s not to make the game sound snooty or high-brow. SotC is sophisticated but doesn’t talk dow...

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I don't do tens very often, and I haven't actually written a review for a game I have considered a ten, but Shadow of the Colossus is an absolute ten when it comes to the important things. Personally I have never played a game (including ICO) that has presented itself with such a clarity of vision. The mood, tone, and overall experience seems to be exactly what the developers wanted it to be, with zero compromise, and games like it are very few and far between. You play the game as a nameless w...

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A Gaming Experience That Challenges Your Perceptions of What Games Should Achieve. 0

Knowing the dangers, how far would you go to save the one you love? This is the question raised in Shadow of the Colossus: a video game that critics and enthusiasts claim to be a work of art. In terms are visual arts, video games are almost akin to some of the best canvas paintings out there. However, there’s a moral depth beyond the great visuals Shadow of the Colossus brings, and it could not have been presented better. The story follows a boy named Wander, whose girlfriend was sacrificed for ...

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A Modern Work of Art If There Ever Was One 0

Shadow of the Collosus is a game that is not too easy to describe; there's more to it than what a person who has never played the game to imagine. The storyline  is one that seems so simple at first, but evolves into something   the player might not have been expecting (I'm not going to go into the story, so play it for yourself if you want to know the details). The visuals, which may be slightly outdated now, are mesmerising; they capture a level of realism while remaining unique in this dark, ...

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Go big or go home in this art house adventure. 1

 The good: Some of the best art direction you'll ever see; has the uncanny ability to tell a story without actually telling a story; will change the way you view the video games. The bad: Some of the control tweaks that are supposed to make your life easier don't always work so well; a tad on the repetitive side. Before Braid came on the scene and stirred up the now seemingly age old question "can games be art" thing, Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus (SOTC) arguably brought it to the mainstream...

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It's not perfect, but damn is it good 0

Fresh off the critical success of ICO, SONY’s top game designer Fumito Ueda began toying with the game engine, and Shadow of the Colossus was born.  It plays out remarkably similar to the Greek myths, such as the conquests of Hercules, and like its predecessor somehow successfully reinvents and renews the traditional clichéd video game plot of “save the princess”. Mood, Tone, and Atmosphere The aesthetic style of Shadow of the Colossus will be familiar to fans of ICO – from its fabricated b...

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A towering head above the competition. 0

Shadow of the Colossus represents a unique approach to the action based role-playing genre, but honestly, it is one that should be used a lot more often. How many titles have we played where leveling up was a requirement? Going to a certain area and tediously acquiring experience just to keep up with the AI is very lame; as is stopping to fight ridiculously boring and meaningless enemies such as skeletons, ogres, and slimes. Once in a while though, a game comes along that tries to break that bou...

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A failure in many ways, a success only in one. 6

Shadow of the Colossus is, essentially, one long action-adventure boss rush. The only enemies in the game are sixteen gargantuan colossi the main character has to kill in order to resurrect a dead princess, and the only times at which you aren't fighting one of them of is when you're riding to the next. It's a great concept. A particularly well-designed boss fight is often the highlight of an action title, and an entire game with nothing but bosses should in theory be an amazingly challenging, i...

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This game is tremendous 0

When I first picked up this game, I had been familiar with the game Ico, but never really played it.  As I delved into the very immersive world, I found myself more and more intrigued about the character and his story. The visuals were amazing, and fighting each one of the colossus's was more and more invigorating.  After I finished the game, I just sat there, and I knew then and there that this was the greatest game that i have ever played   ...

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One of the most original and innovative games of all time. 0

           Original titles are rarely found in the game world anymore. Like movies, games tend to create sequels and spin-offs of successful franchises such as “Halo” or “Dynasty Warriors.” Simply, companies may find it too risky to develop something brand new and out of context.  Enter “Shadow of the Colossus.” Not only does this title shatter the very boundaries of originality, but it provides one of the most exhilarating adventures ever created.             Developed by the brilliant minds of...

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This game is so awe-inspiring; most praise is an understatatement 0

When the local gaming store was having a buy two get one free sale, I figured picking up the supposedly short Shadow of the Colossus was a no-brainer. A short but sweet adventure was just what I needed after embarking on the crusade that was Twilight Princess and the hectic Project: Snowblind. Little did I know that this game that took a measly nine hours to complete was going to be one of the most stunning experiences that I have ever had the privilege of playing. Shadow of the Colossus is a r...

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A hit or miss platformer that must NOT be missed 0

The reason why the title says Shadow Of The Colossus is a hit or miss game is because a lot of people hate platformers. A lot of people hate boss battles, and a lot of people hate the concept of using your platforming skills to win the boss battles. If any of these apply to you, then Shadow Of The Colossus (referred to as SotC for now) is definitely not for you. Even then, it is still a good idea to actually try the game out. It's not like your normal platforming game like Prince Of Persia, but ...

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Bosses 0

Shadow of The Colossus comes from the makers of ICO. It's said to be the next ICO but people think that its dark story is different from ICO. You play a heartbroken warrior, who takes a princess to the temple. The warrior asks the gods to bring back the princess. They tell him that he can, only is he could defeat the 16 colossi that rule the land. With his loyal steed, the warrior goes off to a journey to bring back his love and defeat the 16 mystical beasts. The bosses in The Shadow of the Col...

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A 5-star game when it came out, and it's still PRETTY CLOSE! 0

There are 16 colossus, and no other enemies or characters. You might think that sounds really short, but It's not. There's about as much game here as any other linear action game.There are 2 halves to it: Finding the colossus, and fighting the colossus.Finding it is where you explore the world and climb up mountains n castle ruins, old broken temples, caves and other cool places. The world environments are massive and mysterious. Climbing walls and riding your horse both feel tactile and solid n...

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A superbly beautiful and mystifying game. 0

At first glance, this game seems like a Zelda wannabe, but on further play (about 2 minutes) you realize how astounding and well made it is. The landscape surrounding you is intriguing, and it holds many fun secrets and possibilities. The game engine is a good one, with amazing animation and texturing. Even though through most of the game, the only characters are Wander and Agro, your faithful steed, it doesn't matter. If there were villages with wacky merchants and inns, this game wouldn't be w...

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A cinematic and epic experience unlike any other video game. 0

 A lone hero approaches an ancient shrine and places his dead lover inside. A light speaks to him, telling him that he can gain the power to save her life if he can slay the 16 colossi scattered throughout the cursed land that surrounds the shrine. Upon their destruction, there must certainly be a happy ending for all involved: Wander will save his love and the land will be rid of the cursed giants. Shadow of the Colossus puts the player in control of Wander who, along with his horse Agro, must ...

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There's nothing quite like it. 0

If you own a Playstation 2, there's a good chance you've heard about Shadow of the Colossus. It's not the longest game, but what's there is an adventure you won't soon forget. I actually completed the game in just over 7 hours, there's not much replay value. But the sheer thrill of defeating the creature called Colossi is so extremely satisfying you'll want to find the next one right away. What keeps the game from getting repetitive is that each and every Colossi requires a different strategy. ...

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March 2011 SotC Review 0

Coming from my backlog of shame is Shadow of the Colossus. I decided to play this now because it was always something I thought I needed to play as a hardcore gamer, and after finishing it I kind of have to agree. I could see this game being used as an example for the games-as-art argument, and because of how different it is I would recommend everyone at least try it. We're in a time in gaming where people aren't really willing to take risks, and I wanted to play something that was different, es...

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This is as much a game as it is art. **OLD REVIEW** 0

Shadow of the Colossus - a simple, yet highly effective game. *STORY* The story of Shadow of the Colossus is pretty straight forward, yet very good. A young man known as the "Wanderer" (not that it's his real name) takes a young woman named Mono who appears to be dead to a big temple. The young woman was said to be cursed and killed by her village or something. The Wanderer takes Mono to the temple and talks to Dormin, some sort of spirit. To resurrect her, the wanderer must find and destroy 16...

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Experience the Shadow 0

Have you ever felt like this after finishing a game, you dont really remember what the story was, but all you remember is the experience. You remember the feeling that you had while playing it. Well Shadow of the Colossus is one of those games. I picked up this game and played it. PlotAt first the plot looks quite simple : Princess in trouble (dead), prince comes along and does the impossible to try and bring her back to life, prince has his trusty sword and trusty steed to help him carry on wit...

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A True Video Game Epic 0

Shadow of the Colossus is a game by Team Ico who previously created the titular Ico game. SotC has a rather unique experience with puzzle solving and action, tied together by one of the most breathtaking presentations ever in the medium. The world of SotC is minimal in its design and yet is perhaps one of the most well realized.  It's moments like this that sends chills down the spine. There are no other people, no buildings except for the occasional ruin, and few animals. And yet despite this...

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Hold on to that R1, now..... 0

Let me begin by saying that this is my favourite game of all time, for multiple reasons. The basic premise of the game is simple- you must kill 16 gigantic enemies to coax a mysterious power into reviving your love, but in presentation, it becomes so much more.StorylineNow, I'll be honest here, the storyline is a bit hit or miss. There is a minimum of dialogue and actual story development, with most of the plot condensed into the beginning and end, and the entire presentation being so ambiguous ...

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Probably the most epic game you will ever play. 0

From the creators of Ico comes Shadow Of The Colossus an action / adventure game that really lives up to the genre. To get the story started you are a boy traveling to a land far away with your dead love, you are told that if you defeat 16 collossus that she will regain her soul and live again. So the first thing you do is to go out and find these collossi which is really quite simple, you press circle and you will hold your sword up and allow light to show you which way to go. Then you go there...

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One of the most unique experiences in gaming history. 0

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here. Frankly, the less you know about what you're getting into, the better. The soundtrack is equal parts haunting, adventurous, triumphant and mournful. The plot, while initially vague and unobtrusive, is a morally challenging, thoroughly engaging, subtle emotional crescendo. The open world is gorgeous and expansive. The character animation is top notch. You have two weapons and a horse at your disposal, and that's all you'll need. The show stealers are...

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Shadow of the Review 0

Story: The story revolves around Wander, a guy who wants to revive his fallen girlfriend so he takes an ancient sword with a mysterious power and heads to a forbidden land with his horse Agro. He reaches a temple where a mysterious voice directs him to take this sword, travel the lands, find each colossus and slay them. Much of the story isn't revealed until right at the end and I wouldn't want to spoil it for you. Throughout most of the game you are left to try and figure out the story by yours...

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Very Epic 0

Story - Shadow of the colossus is about a young man named Wander who is out to bring a girl back to life by defeating 16 colossi.Graphics - Excellent graphics for a playstation 2 game. You feel really small when you face a colossus or even when riding around on your horse because the landscapes are so huge.Sound - Not a lot of voice, but there is a lot of great music. The word that comes to mind is epic. Some beautifully orchestrated tracks here.Gameplay - Again: epic. I felt overwhelmed each ti...

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Great experiece that lacks replay value. 0

When I first heard about this game a couple years back, I was skeptical to say the least. A game where all you do is hunt down the bosses, or Colossi as they called them, sound like it would get old pretty fast. Once I played the game, that was really all that there was to it. There was you, your horse, and sixteen big bad colossi to hunt down. The thing that really surprised me was how much I liked it. In this game you play as Wander a young man trying to save his friend Mono from dying. He ma...

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a deep and believable world that the player can get lost in 0

  It's hard to find a game that really creates a world that's both tangible but also breath taking in their breadth and also in the visual splendor of it. Shadow of the colossus in one game that can say it does this. This Is all the more impressive given it is built on the hardware limitations of the ps2 and because it does this feat with almost no cut scenes, voice acting or living creatures to interact with. You play as Wanda, a young man who has come to a forgotten and forb...

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Unique game 0

Shadow of the Colossus is a game where you battle 16 huge creatures. You play a young guy that needs to save his wife/girlfriend and needs to kill for all the giant creatures that are in village so some magic force saves her. I got lost in the story and watch others played it a few times and Im still a bit lost. Other than not understanding the story Shadow of the Colossus still a fun unique game. You are armed them a sword and a bow and arrow. To defeat the creatures in the game you have to get...

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Epic 0

Shadow of the Colossus is easily a game that will remain in my top five list for all eternity. This game, while it still has its kinks, is an experience that no single gamer should deprive themselves of. From the very opening sequence of the game the tone is set for you as the protagonist, the wanderer, quietly rides his horse towards an ominous castle on a mission to save a loved one. Somber, yet epic. In this game you are tasked by an ambiguous deity to defeat sixteen colossi. That is it. Ther...

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Bosses Galore! 0

To call Shadows of the Colossus an epic game would be an understatement. After all, the goal of the game is to find and slay sixteen Colossi, which are (as the name implies) giant lumbering behemoths. The Colossi and the world they inhabit are built to a breathtakingly large scale. The sheer vastness of the scenery pushes the limits of the PS2 from a graphical perspective. Unfortunately the beautiful surroundings feel dramatically empty since they are devoid of any life besides the Colossi thems...

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Shadow of the Colossus 0

I am conflicted. The main focus of Shadow of the Colossus is obviously the battle with the Colossi, and the game completely nails this. The fights are amazing. I found about 2 to be more annoying than fun, the rest were a blast to run around, scale, and smite. But what if this was a Zelda-style action-adventure game with puzzle-filled dungeons and towns scattered around the vast countryside with people to interact with (the towns are less necessary), and the Colossus battles were the focus and t...

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Shadow of the colossus REVIEW 2

Shadow of the Colossus is the prequel to Ico but in stead of fighting a bunch of shadow thingies youll be navigating a world and fighting colossus.While I was fighting the colossus I noticed that these werent just boss battles they were puzzles that required you to think and act precisely or they would smash you, But also it was like playing a platform game since the beasts are like 20 storys high and you had to jump from limb to limb and stab them in there weak areas. There are no enemies in th...

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