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Bosses Galore!

To call Shadows of the Colossus an epic game would be an understatement. After all, the goal of the game is to find and slay sixteen Colossi, which are (as the name implies) giant lumbering behemoths. The Colossi and the world they inhabit are built to a breathtakingly large scale. The sheer vastness of the scenery pushes the limits of the PS2 from a graphical perspective. Unfortunately the beautiful surroundings feel dramatically empty since they are devoid of any life besides the Colossi themselves.

While I give the game points for a very creative premise and unique gameplay, it feels like something is missing. The Colossi battles are intense but to reach them you must spend way too much time wandering the world completely alone. And as remarkable and unique as each the game's antagonists may be from an artistic design perspective, the battles themselves did not benefit from the same treatment. Apart from a few minor variations, each fight consists of gaining the creature's attention with your bow & stabbing the weak spot(s) with your sword, rinse and repeat. By about the fifth or sixth Colossus the process becomes somewhat tedious. A few other weaknesses such as a slightly wonky camera, a few minor control issues, and an almost nonexistent story also detract from the experience.

While my criticism may seem harsh, I did enjoy the game. Shadow of the Colossus aims for the moon. While its few flaws made it miss, it still landed among the stars. The rush you get as your tiny character clings tenaciously to a flailing giant is an experience you won't find in any other game. In spite of any shortcomings, I recommend checking this game out- even if only as a rental.

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